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 - sectra-webinar-breastimaging
Sponsored by an educational grant from Sectra
What tools and tactics are making breast imaging specialists and clinicians more efficient across the healthcare enterprise?
 - j-kemp
Sponsored by an educational grant from Philips
Being a radiologist today can feel a bit like being on the Starship Enterprise: you have all these Star-Trek-like tools at your disposal – devices and applications with the ability to produce incredibly sophisticated digital images and insights that we couldn’t have imagined even twenty years ago...
 - christoph-wald
Sponsored by an educational grant from Philips
In our complex, multi-site tertiary care imaging department our challenge is to gather data about our imaging operations and create insights from it to help us make better business decisions, streamline operations and optimize access to care. Combining insights from modality data and imaging IT...
 - Chris Tomlinson, MBA, CRA, FAHRA
Sponsored by an educational grant from lifeIMAGE
Chris Tomlinson, MBA, CRA, FAHRA, of CHOP and RACH envisions a large pediatric radiology network where everyone is connected and imaging results can easily be shared in seconds.
 - Customer Satisfaction
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For over 40 consecutive quarters—from the mid-2000s to 2016—Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas has been ranked as the  #1 Computed Radiography (CR) manufacturer for customer satisfaction by MD Buyline, an independent organization that provides hospitals and health systems with evidence-based...