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 - doctor reading patient records
Equipping radiologists with the patient info they need
Sponsored by Intelerad - In order for radiologists to generate the most value for their patients and referring providers, they need to be equipped with all the right tools during their workflow. That includes adequate context in the form of patient data.


 - Computer mouse
Keep it simple: Complicated path to patient data can slow workflow
Sponsored by Intelerad - Click. Click. Click. An excessive number of mouse clicks—and subsequent ticking of the clock—is not something radiologists want to hear when interpreting an image.
 - Doctor Communciation
Creating value with better communication
Sponsored by Intelerad - Hailing a taxi used to be a low-tech process. You’d walk out to the street and raise your hand, sometimes whistle, and a nearby cab would see you and take you on your way. Then came Uber.