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FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.

 - The Christ Hospital Health Network
In today’s healthcare environment, the bottom line for providers is to maximize value with every decision made. That’s why a technology upgrade that improves care and the patient experience on multiple fronts can be a game changer.
 - Mike Smith, CIO, Lee Memorial Health System
With more than one million patient contacts each year, Lee Memorial Health System considers patient engagement the order of the day every day. For Mike Smith, CIO of the six-hospital, 1,423-bed organization based in Fort Myers, Fla., this enterprise-wide emphasis means constantly working to ramp...
 - Elisabeth A. Quam
January 1, 2017, is likely to be a red-letter day for radiology. As of this date, physicians ordering advanced diagnostic imaging exams (CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, and PET) for Medicare beneficiaries must, in compliance with the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014, consult government-...
 - Ron Hosenfeld
Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates (RRIA), Columbus, Ohio, was an early pioneer in the transition from analog to digital radiology, and radiologist Peter Lafferty, MD, vividly recalls his first encounter with the interpretation of digital images in the late ‘90s.
 - binary code
What do you do with legacy data-storage applications containing near-antique patient information—so old it hasn’t been accessed in up to 20 years—that may yet be needed for legal, financial, clinical or population-management purposes?