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FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.

 - Brandon Groh
The 25-bed Redington-Fairview General Hospital (RFGH) in Skowhegan, Maine, may be small, but it is absolutely essential to the health of its community.
 - Nick Arledge, RTR
For some healthcare providers, a RIS is simply nice to have. But for large, multispecialty practices with an imaging component, it is an imperative. Changes effected by such technology at The Austin Diagnostic Clinic (ADC), Texas, are proof positive that a best-of-breed RIS can make a big...
 - David Hirschorn, MD
Mobile computing—via smart phones, tablets and, increasingly, wearable devices like smart watches—is increasing exponentially.
 - Satish Mathan
A mobile device offers a portal into everything from your bank account to the latest episode of your favorite television series, so why not give referring physicians mobile access to PACS? This question occurred to Raleigh Radiology in 2012, and when a mobile application became available for the...
 - Jonas Rydberg
In recent years, constituents across many industries have strongly embraced a cloud-based infrastructure to achieve data ubiquity. Healthcare is not one of these segments, but there are exceptions to the rule, among them the 19-hospital Indiana University Health (IU Health) system.