Clinical Performance That Matters with Medical Displays and Image Quality


Image quality is key when it comes to making accurate diagnosis and confident clinical decisions. Learn how the importance of certain criteria such as luminance, ambient lighting and automated calibration play a crucial role in image reading accuracy. Workflow benefits include increased physician productivity and reduced IT intervention.

Learning points include:

  • Relationship between increased luminance and image diagnosis, as well as what luminance levels are needed for different modalities
  • Correlation between ambient light, luminance and accurate reading
  • Importance of calibration and DICOM compliance to ensure consistent image quality
  • Where medical displays are headed in the next 5-10 years


  • David Hirschorn, MD, Director of Radiology Informatics at Staten Island University Hospital; Researcher in Radiology Informatics at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Lynda Domogalla, VP of Product Marketing, Healthcare at Barco