The Age of Imaging 2.0: The Vision, The Proof: Radiology's Role in Improving Healthcare

The Age of Imaging 2.0: The Vision, The Proof: Radiology's Role in Improving Healthcare

Being a leader in imaging today is all about providing better patient care via excellent multimodality diagnosis, onsite and virtual collaboration among radiologists and specialists, and sophisticated treatment planning.

Sharing Your Vision, Advancing the Science

 We live in an era of healthcare transformation. Advanced imaging technologies, collaborative decision-making and increased pressure to order appropriate imaging exams is placing the radiologist at the center of clinical and financial patient management decisions.

CT: Driving Clinical Utility to the Max

 CT has long been the workhorse of radiology. And as healthcare costs careen out of control, advanced CT systems and technologies are the chosen tool of healthcare providers seeking a value-based approach to imaging.

MR: Taking Imaging a Step Further

 Better, stronger, faster and more economical is always the call of imaging technologies. New 3T MRI systems are answering that call—and stepping it up a notch.

Ultrasound: See Volumes, Speak Volumes

 "Traditional ultrasound has provided a way to capture single slices that are seemingly unrelated, but 3D volume ultrasound imaging allows the capture of blocks of data," says Simon T. Elliott, MD, a radiologist at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

PET/CT: Personalized Medicine

 Just over a decade after the merging of anatomic and functional imaging, PET/CT scanners have revolutionized cancer care, neurological disease detection and even heart disease.

Workspace: The Conduit of Imaging Care

 Advancements in image visualization and IT applications mirror those in the imaging modalities, all helping radiologists establish and solidify their central role in patient care and decision-making, while simultaneously boosting efficiency.

Image Gallery: Imaging 2.0: Take a Look

 Leading healthcare providers around the globe are benefitting from new Philips CT, MR, PET/CT and ultrasound systems that are scanning patients more quickly and with higher image quality—thus enabling more efficient patient management decisions.