ACC: Vital upgrades Vitrea Enterprise Suite
Vital Images featured its second generation thin client product, the Vitrea Enterprise Suite 1.2, a cardiac imaging tool designed to integrate visualization tools and applications, at the 59th annual American College of Cardiology (ACC) scientific sessions.

“On the cardiac side, we have made enhancements to the solution’s editing capabilities including new layouts for looking at center lines and features that enable the user to edit contours,” Nikhil Brushan, product manager of workstation solutions, told Cardiovascular Business News.

The suite is integrated into a facility's PACS or EMR system and allows for the display of 2D and 3D images, and has web-based accessibility. The product also “allows access to users across the enterprise without compromising image quality, service or performance,” said Vikram Simha, chief technology officer for Vital, who added that it's relevant for cardiac imaging due to the often large data sets that can attain up to 4,000 slices per image.

During the rendering process, anticipation animation allows users to isolate anatomy and remove bones structures and rib cages to look at the three main arteries and study a patient’s vasculature. The suite also features a new conference mode that allows ER doctors to review and work on patient cases together with other physicians no matter where they are in the enterprise.

Its algorithms enhance the editing process and the solution allows users to customize protocols and measure stenosis, according to the company.

Additionally, Vital's stent graph planning package, used for endovascular stent planning, initializes measurements of a particular stent.