Advanced Visualization turns virtual into reality
Vendors are showcasing the latest and greatest 3D an manipulation tools that have been integrated in their newest versions of advanced visualization software at this year's RSNA. Look for souped up features such as volume rendering, tools for digital mammography and solutions for better dealing with multislice CT images.

ContextVision (Booth #8929) is highlighting its GOPView MAMMO, an image enhancement product for digital mammography that provides advanced functionality for retrieving subtle and important structures while simultaneously suppressing noise in mammography images. The new product offers advanced thickness equalization that enables optimal visualization of the whole breast without windowing, as well as an adaptive functionality for different types of breasts, allowing homogeneous and reliable display from patient to patient.

ContextVision also has on board its GOPView US for DSP (digital signal processor) platforms. The extended capabilities allow ultrasound systems to use a PC or DSP to achieve real-time image enhancement and speckle reduction using ContextVision software.

Emageon (Booth #6534) is previewing new advanced visualization software that offers native volume rendering that leverages the OpenGL graphics standard to manipulate 3D volumes with high-quality ray tracing in real-time. An integrated Administrative Toolset is a Web Admin tool that provides a collaborative environment for content management, including a new quality-control workstation. Added physician tools also help to better manage exams and increase productivity, including personal content manager with JPEG2000, teleconferencing, StudyNotes and an exam worklist with new enterprise-wide folder views.

Mercury Computer Systems (Booth #1912) is showcasing its VisageRT Reconstruction with cell technology that delivers orders of magnitude reduction in reconstruction time over existing technologies, Mercury says. Mercury also is unveiling its "3D throughout the Enterprise" with its ExamineRT Thin Client/Server technology that delivers 3D capability to multiple users throughout a healthcare enterprise, as well as at remote sites on existing PCs and laptops, with a client/server approach. In addition, Mercury is highlighting RADIN 4.0, the latest release of its web-based PACS.

TeraRecon (Booth #3700) is featuring its Xtrillion 3.0 image processing engine designed for fast CT image reconstruction and ultrasound back-end processing systems. It is a scalable and configurable vector processor that handles large size data with cone beam reconstruction times shorter than one minute. TeraRecon also is showcasing its version 1.7 of its AquariusNet software.

Viatronix (Booth #5714) is debuting completely integrated CAD tools for virtual colonoscopy and CT lung analysis. The Viatronix V3D visualization platform now permits the user to interactively view colon CAD polyp identification marks or lung CAD lung nodule identifiers during a virtual fly-through of the colon or viewing 3D CT lung images using real-time volume rendering.

Viatronix also is announcing upgrades to the V3D-System that add workflow enhancements, greater PACS functionality, unified user interfaces across the entire product line, improved visualization, and expanded diagnostic tools based on continued radiologist feedback.

Lastly, the company is debuting an enhancement to the V3D-Vascular software that will provides automatic carotid artery segmentation.

Vital Images (Booth #6513) is showcasing an enhanced enterprise workflow solution with upgraded enterprise solution components. Enhancements to its flagship Vitrea and its advanced clinical applications include: ViTALCardia for the emerging cardiac CT market that includes Coronary Vessel Probe, Cardiac Functional Analysis (CFA), VScore (Calcium Scoring) and SurePlaque (soft plaque and stenosis measurement); CT Colonograph for automated polyp detection; and Nodule Probe, ViTAL's nodule probe analysis package with single-click measurement and nodule analysis package with temporal comparison.

Among the enhancements to ViTALConnect are improved enterprise scalability, an intuitive user interface and two-way conferencing capabilities.

Vital Images also is highlighting partnerships with three CAD vendors: R2 Technology, Medicsight and Confirma.