Advanced Visualization & Workstations

As more patients undergo more detailed imaging procedures, advanced visualization vendors are offering solutions that allow for better and more detailed  post-processing and manipulation. Improvements in workflow are also a priority so that users can more easily access images from different applications in different locations. Vendors are showing their advances on dedicated workstations within an imaging department, as well as innovations that allow access to the 3D software anywhere across a dedicated network.

Barco (booth #2129) is demonstrating technology that provides healthcare providers enterprise-wide access to 3D medical imaging on standard workstations and PCs, including an advanced analysis tool that provides clinicians with high-quality visualization of 2D, 3D and 4D images of the heart.

Voxar 3D Enterprise, a server-based technology that enables enterprise-wide access to advanced visualization software tools, accelerates the speed at which users can load, review, report and communicate patient cases with clinical colleagues. Whether the user is working on a diagnostic workstation or a standard PC, Voxar 3D Enterprise quickly delivers large volumetric studies and provides rapid updates of MPR and 3D views.

Barco also is highlighting a new visualization software tool called CardiaMetrix designed for the rapid evaluation of multi-phase cardiac CT studies. It is available within the company's flagship 3D software product, Voxar 3D.

Cedara Software (booth #7601) is showcasing a macro-level approach to image management and radiology workflow. Part of this new approach to workflow includes a new structure for managing advanced visualization. Cedara's new Clinical Control Center (C4), provides a means to tightly integrate clinical functionality into a single workstation. While C4 provides functional integration for clinical plug-ins from any vendor, it is being demonstrated at HIMSS with a host of advanced visualization solutions from Cedara, including OrthoWorks, PET/CT, CalScore Review, Colon Review, Lung Review, and I-Response.

Emageon (booth #4233) is exhibiting its enterprise-level advanced visualization and infrastructure solution for the clinical analysis and management of 2D and 3D medical images and related content. Also on display is the System Release 5.30.1 with new and improved administrative tools, enterprise workflow and open standards support, including Native Volume Rendering for OpenGL graphics to manipulate 3D volumes with real-time, high-quality ray-tracing.

Siemens Medical Solutions (booth #1237), combining molecular imaging and advanced visualization software, will highlight its syngo TrueD - an analysis tool that enables physicians to compare patient scans from two different points in time, such as pre- and post-therapy. Also on hand will be Scenium, an application which aids in neurological analysis by enabling automatic correlation of the patient study with an average brain for assessment of abnormalities.

Vital Images (booth #7043) is featuring "Your ViTAL Solution," their comprehensive enterprise solution for advanced image visualization, analysis and distribution. Upgraded components of the solution include Vitrea, the company's flagship workstation application and enhancements to ViTALConnect, Vital Images' web-based enterprise-wide analysis and distribution system.

Vitrea presents 2D, 3D and 4D images of human anatomy from CT, MR and PET image data. Vitrea's optimized clinical workflow allows users to analyze a number of diagnostic protocols including cardiac CT, CT colonography, computer-aided detection of lung nodules and colonic polyps.

ViTALConnect makes the power of image review and advanced tools accessible anywhere, anytime. Fueled by scalable internet technologies, the thin-client application distributes visualization tools for image review and analysis formerly only available on stationary workstations.

In addition, ViTALConnect's version 4.0 includes capabilities to help physicians access image evidence and collaborate with colleagues interactively over the internet, as well as enterprise integration and real-time web conferencing.