Affordable 3D-printed organ models created by startup, now available for medical training

A new startup launched today making their 3D-printed organ models for surgical planning, biomedical research and education available tor the training community.

The Temple Health and Bioscience District (THBD) backed up SiMMo3D with a $20,000 grant to get started in creating accurate replicas of health or diseased organs, also known as “Teaching Tissues.” Students in medical schools all over the world depend on tools such as these because it gives them hands on experience on what they would expect in the real world.

The teaching tissues are printed from MRI data and CT scans, giving the products texture and visual aesthetic of body tissue and human anatomy with synthetic polymer resin.

“We are proud to offer 3D-printed organ models that are accessible and affordable to more researchers, students and educational institutions,” said Ryan Quinn, CEO and Co-Founder of SiMMo3D in a statement. “These tools are training doctors by shifting the learning paradigm from memorizing facts to tactile learning. The product we create today will be used to better train the doctors of tomorrow, which saves more lives in the future.” 

THBD, which supplied a grant, is funded by citizens of the district of Temple, Texas.