AHRA Preview: Radiology Vendors Bring Core Tools

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The American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) prides itself in being the premier resource and catalyst for professional leadership in the medical imaging business. To that end, this year the organization will provide a multi-pronged educational experience. The conference offers a multitude of sessions addressing the following management issues: finance, human resources, communication and information, operations, and assets.

In between sessions, expect vendors to entice attendees with their latest and greatest imaging modalities, management systems, and other support technologies. Following is an overview of what you can expect to see in the exhibit hall:

AFC Industries’ ErgoTier Deluxe customizable workstation.

AFC Industries (Booth #601) is introducing the ErgoTier Deluxe, a new addition to its MaxFlex series of customizable workstations for radiology reading, which now comes with several accessories. The workstation is a single tier table with a tilting work surface and electronically adjustable monitor arms. Accessories include cable management that keeps wires neat and unobtrusive, while dimmer-controlled task lighting illuminates the user’s work to the desired intensity, reducing eye strain and monitor glare. Adjustable phone and dictation equipment supports keep these items within easy reach, while leaving work surfaces clutter-free.

AFC also is highlighting the i-Center, a wall-mounted workstation that enables computer access wherever needed without utilizing floor space.

Anthro’s Zido medical cart

Anthro (Booth #207/209) is introducing the Zido medical cart. Zido’s heavy metal base is weighted to counter-balance loads mounted as high as 66 inches, and has shelves that are wrapped in Kydex laminate to prevent chipping and cracking and can stand up to a wide range of chemicals. Zido offers a wide range of accessories to customize the cart.

The company also is showcasing Carl’s Table, its next-generation workplace station for digital soft-copy reading. The workstation features push button tilt, elevate or lower to adjust work surfaces until the user is comfortable.

BRIT Systems (Booth #502) is showing its recently introduced multi-modality mammography workstation—BRIT Vision—designed for use with any FDA-cleared full-field digital mammography (FFDM) system. A highlight of the new release is the ability for clinicians to scale digitized film, a capability critical for examining digital images against prior exams that were captured on a film-screen system.

Other new features include tools for selecting prior studies and local storage that clinicians can use to pre-fetch prior studies for comparison. An integrated keypad eliminates the need for a different keypad.

Canon Medical Systems (Booth #607) is showcasing its portable digital radiography (DR) systems and related technologies, designed as versatile, economical DR alternatives for general radiography and medical centers.

Also being displayed is the Canon CXDI-50G portable, lightweight DR system, which provides high-quality, filmless image capture for a range of radiographic applications, including trauma, ICU and bedside exams.

Canon’s also is focusing on its CXDI Control Software that enables operators to capture images based on a department’s specific imaging preferences.

Carestream Health’s DirectView DR 9500 System.

Carestream Health Inc. (Booth #519) is announcing the worldwide availability for its newest digital radiography platform, the Kodak Directview DR 9500 System. The new DR 9500 system breaks away from traditional configurations that involve detectors mounted in a table and/or a wall stand. Instead, the DR 9500 system has a ceiling-mounted U-arm that contains both a tube and detector to deliver unprecedented mobility and operational flexibility.

DatCard Systems (Booth #1117/1119) is highlighting its PacsCube and MammoSmart products, network-connected devices that record images and report with a DICOM viewer on to a CD/DVD. MammoSmart gives patients their complete mammography history and breast care information on a CD/DVD.

Double Black Imaging (Booth #325/327) is featuring its X-Cal DICOM Calibration and QA software as well as DICOMetrix PACS Performance Monitoring software.

The X-Cal Calibration software, a package for automatic DICOM calibration and display quality assurance, allows for both complete QA of their LCDs and front DICOM calibration. X-Cal consists of two components, a local agent package