Barco shows CT colonography and PET/CT WIP applications
Barco debuted at RSNA 2006 two new advanced visualization applications for CT colonography and PET-CT fusion for integration into its Voxar 3D suite that are works-in-progress.

Barco’s Voxar 3D ColonMetrix is a new, time-efficient clinical application for CT colonography that will eventually be fully integrated into the Voxar 3D platform. Developed as a complete virtual colonoscopy workflow and reporting application, Voxar’s 3D ColonMetrix allows radiologists to interpret a CT colonography study and generate a report typically within 10 minutes. By doing so, it makes virtual colonoscopy an economically and clinically feasible option, Barco said.

Voxar 3D ColonMetrix incorporates many advanced visualization tools to supplement traditional 2D methods of review. It combines advanced viewing capabilities, workflow efficiency and integrated reporting, to assist radiologists in locating polyps, tumors and pre-malignant growths in the bowel. Moreover, radiologists can benefit from real-time manipulation of colon image data with accelerated GPU 3D fly-through, integrated CAR and DICOM reporting to rapidly convey patient information to referring physicians throughout the enterprise.

Barco’s Voxar 3D PET/CT Fusion supports the interpretation of whole body FDG oncology studies and allows real-time interaction with PET, CT and fused volumes. Radiologists can accurately and efficiently blend PET and CT studies to combine anatomical and functional images, and to calculate and display standard uptake values. According to Barco, the software’s intuitive, easy-to-use PET/CT fusion capabilities will eventually be integrated into Voxar 3D’s functionality for enhanced clinical workflow and increased productivity. Powerful automation and visualization tools have been added to make the detection and interpretation of lesions in PET/CT imaging faster and more accurate.