Barcos new Voxar suite features CT colon and PET/CT fusion
Barco at the SIIM 2007 meeting in Providence, R.I., June 7-10, announced it has gained FDA 510(k) pre-market clearance for the latest version of its Voxar 3D advanced visualization suite. Version 6.3 of the Voxar 3D software further enhances the digital imaging workflow with its seamless integration into PACS and its ease of use. It comes with a full set of integrated clinical applications, including Voxar 3D ColonMetrix for CT colonography and Voxar 3D PET-CT Fusion for the interpretation of whole-body FDG oncology studies.

Voxar 3D ColonMetrix provides users with GPU-accelerated automatic centerline finding. This makes it possible for radiologists and gastroenterologists to fly through prone and supine colon images rapidly. An integrated gravity function keeps the camera position aligned with the scanner table to facilitate spatial understanding as you fly through the colon.

Voxar 3D PET/CT Fusion is a new clinical application that supports the effective interpretation of whole body FDG oncology studies and allows real-time interaction with PET/CT images. It enables radiologists to accurately and efficiently blend PET and CT studies to combine anatomical and functional images for rapid lesion analysis and characterization. It also provides an automated workflow for hotspot triangulation and calculation and display of standard uptake values. An attenuation correction algorithm compensates for the difference in intensity between structures deep in the body and structures close to the surface.

Both ColonMetrix and PET/CT Fusion feature Barco’s Live Images ‘saved state’ functionality, a feature that allows users to save a case at any time and return to it later to carry on reading exactly where they left off.