Commissure announces system integration deals with AMIRSYS, TeraRecon
AMIRSYS and Commissure announced the integration of STATdx Clinical Decision Support system with Commissure’s RadWhere Suite integrated workflow and structured speech reporting solution. RadWhere is a structured speech reporting and workflow orchestration system for imaging. STATdx is a point-of-care, Clinical Decision Support system for imaging, designed to support practicing radiologists through increased speed, accuracy and diagnostic confidence in complex cases. STATdx can also assists surgeons, neurologists, women’s health centers and emergency departments improve patient care. This new relationship integrates STATdx with the RadWhere Assisted Diagnosis module; a component of the RadWhere reporting suite that is driven by LEXIMER, a patented Natural Language Understanding algorithm. The integration uniquely reduces the time required to research clinical content by analyzing report content or accepting a spoken request for information at the time of interpretation and dictation. STATdx’s digital format sets it apart from a textbook and ensures physicians have enterprise-wide access to on-demand reference tools at the point-of-care wherever and whenever needed – in the hospital, in the imaging center, or at home, the companies said.

In another recent deal, Commissure is working with TeraRecon to integrate systems that can provide workflow orchestration leveraging advanced visualization tools independent of the combination of modalities, RIS and PACS deployed in a given institution. The companies’ partnership will provide support for TeraRecon’s AquariusNET thin-client as the common viewing tool for volumetric examinations when AquariusNET is available in an institution. Commissure works in concert with AquariusNET to distribute advanced visualization coupled with a comprehensive patient management and reading environment for images with 3D capabilities. Commissure integrates the patient history, order status, status of priors, and structured reporting and distributes the consolidated results into a single worklist. It augments image and patient data by providing access and hyperlinks to saved scenes, priors and reports.