Confirma, Guardian partner towards new imaging systems
Guardian Technologies International has signed a collaboration and strategic alliance agreement with Confirma, to collaborate on the design, development and commercialization of radiology imaging solutions for new clinical applications.

Confirma provides CAD systems for breast MRI. The company has over 700 CADstream systems installed in breast MRI programs globally. Guardian offers a patent-pending Signature Mapping technology for tissue characterization and advanced visualization and image analysis. Initial research being conducted at the University of Southern California has found Signature Mapping to be effective at distinguishing and quantifying multiple sclerosis lesions in the brain, as well as, lesions within dense and fatty breast tissue. Early research has also found the technology to be promising in prostate MRI studies and CT brain scans, Guardian said.

Signature Mapping is a dynamic, iterative process, in which specifically designed algorithms impact image pixels causing the group of pixels representing each tissue to respond in a unique collective way.