Edda highlights easy integration for advanced 4D tools
The big message that Edda Technology wanted to get out at SIIM 2007 last week in Providence, R.I., is that they offer advanced visualization tools that are vendor-neutral, and designed to offer headache-free integration with PACS. This is made possible through an application the company calls its Enterprise Engine. That said, the company did announce its latest IQQA-Liver Enterprise for contrast multi-detector CT (MDCT) abdominal imaging at the show.

The enterprise software solution enables the advanced 4D imaging application, which supports physicians' real-time evaluation of liver and hepatic lesions, to run concurrently on hospitals’ existing PACS workstations.

IQQA-Liver addresses the clinical challenge faced by physicians in efficiently dealing with tremendous data volume from contrast MDCT images of the liver. Combining image analysis algorithms and visualization tools, the software supports physicians to quickly and effectively distill critical diagnostic information from data volume of extraordinary size. It performs automatic anatomic phase registration to allow simultaneous visualization and easy cross-referencing of lesion location and characteristics across the different phases. IQQA-Liver further provides 3D segmentation and measurement tools for the visualization and analysis of liver lesions, hepatic vascular structures, as well as liver lobes. This volumetric analysis not only provides physicians with a visualization aid, but also offers quantification tools to support their clinical decision making and patient care management.

The new tool is powered with the same enabling engine technology behind the company’s IQQA-Chest Enterprise for digital radiography.