eRad adds 3D volume rendering module to PACS
eRad at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I. said that it had signed a product integration, sales, and distribution agreement around Calgary Scientific Inc. Medical Group’s ResolutionMD product family of advanced visualization and analysis software tools. As part of the deal, eRad will now offer the ResolutionMD products as an integrated option for its PACS.

ResolutionMD offers simple high definition 3D rendering of complex medical data using off-the-shelf computers. As a plug-in to the eRad PACS the tools are available online, and thus no dedicated 3D workstations or data processing servers are needed. The tools are available on a physician’s own local computer, used anywhere.

The eRad 3D plug-in provides real-time rendering controls, clipping planes, MIP and MRP views, and customizable color schemes to highlight specific tissue types.