FiatLux debuts new Visualize 3D features, capabilities
FiatLux Imaging introduced enhancements to its Visualize 3D application, which is engineered to run on commodity-priced PCs, as well as on a range of portable computers, at the recent 2008 RSNA conference held last month in Chicago.

The company said its Visualize 3D software takes advantage of DirectX game programming technologies and the potential of off-the-shelf video graphic cards to deliver image reformations from CT and MRI scans.

Anywhere, any time 3D image analysis on laptop, tablet and the latest generation of new ultra-mobile computers—as well as a host of viewing features for radiologists and other medical specialists—were highlighted as enhancements.

FiatLux Visualize supports a range of 3D and 2D image processing protocols, including MIP, MPR and advanced volume reconstruction, as well as offering tools including segmentation, editing and analysis.

As the role of mobile computing grows in healthcare, FiatLux Visualize brings 3D images to daily conferences, bedside for patient consultations and into physician’s homes.

“While the video game industry has wrought dramatic advances in both hardware- and software-based 3D rendering, the benefits of this have not been realized in the healthcare field. With engineering roots in the game industry, FiatLux Imaging is about to change that,” said the firm’s CEO Mary Frances Feider.