Fovia, Stanford radiology department form research collaboration
Fovia Medical and Sandy Napel, PhD, professor of radiology, and Geoffrey Rubin, MD, professor of radiology, co-directors of the Stanford University Department of Radiology’s 3D Laboratory, have jointly announced a research license agreement that will allow researchers in the 3D Laboratory at Stanford to integrate Fovia’s high definition volume rendering (HDVR) technology into their advanced imaging research.

Fovia said its HDVR technology has performance improvements stemming from adaptive algorithms that provide interactive, supersampling quality on desktop PCs and networked laptop computers, without using specialized hardware or video cards.

“By incorporating Fovia’s technology into our research and validation software, we hope to determine if we can accelerate our ability to conceive, implement and evaluate the utility of new paradigms for interpretation of multi-dimensional medical images,” Napel said.