HIMSS06: Clinical Information Systems News

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Learn what’s new from: BRIT Systems, Cerner Corp., DR Systems, Eclipsys Corporation, Emageon, FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Guardian Technologies International, Inc., Merge eMed, Misys Healthcare Systems, NovaRad Corporation, peerVue, LLC and AMICAS, ScImage, Siemens Medical Solutions, Swearingen Software, Inc., Varian Medical Systems, Inc. and Witt Biomedical Corp.

Although clinical information systems aren’t the main focus of HIMSS, the systems did manage to grab some of the spotlight. PACS – and a more intelligent flavor that adds patient information management to image management – for the ‘ologies’ was the buzz among vendors and presenters (see/link PACS More Than Just One Use). New and upcoming offerings will transcend radiology and even cardiology. In the not-too-distant future, PACS will routinely store and manage non-DICOM images like pathology slides and photos. The trend to integrate advanced visualization into the PACS workstation was apparent on the show floor. And while vendors touted improved RIS/PACS integration, the line differentiating the two systems is blurring. It won’t be long before vendors are marketing a single solution that blends the capabilities of both systems. Finally, vendors discussed the emergence of the EMR and the need for an integrated, not just interoperable, image-based solution.

BRIT Systems launched Roentgen Burner and debuted enhancements to the Roentgen RIS, including an advanced RIS/PACS synchronization and bi-directional HL7 engine at HIMSS 06 last week in San Diego.

        Roentgen Burner is a DICOM-compliant, automated solution for producing custom-labeled CDs and/or DVDs that contain medical images and BRIT’s image viewing software. The solution combines BRIT’s production server with one of Rimage’s CD and/or DVD production systems. The Roentgen Burner accepts studies from any DICOM device via DICOM Store and facilitates creation of the media (CD-R or DVD-R). BRIT’s Radiology Workbench for Windows image viewer is burned to the media along with selected images. Data is verified by the system while a specific and detailed order file containing unique information about the user, patient, specific modality and images is produced.
        For sites already using BRIT’s archive system, BRIT Roentgen Files, users with proper privileges can request a CD and/or DVD without the loading the studies into a workstation. From the workstation, multiple studies or subsets of exam images can be included. All annotations and key object notes are included with saved and burned images. Users can select from several Rimage CD and/or DVD production systems: Protégé II, Amigo II, Autostar II and the newly released Endeaver, designed specifically for lower-volume environments. The Rimage 1500 and 4500 desktop models and the 2000i are also available.
         The advanced RIS/PACS synchronization and bi-directional HL7 engine for The Roentgen RIS enables the synchronization of patient images, studies and reports throughout the healthcare enterprise. Synchronization tools within The Roentgen RIS auto-route all studies to a peer or central server where all changes to study information is sent. All order and report information is sent as database objects along with user information, management report and modality information.
        Also new to The Roentgen RIS is an Order Creation and Scheduling feature that allows online referring physician scheduling requests, procedure modifiers and default exam duration and report management, editing and distribution. Facilities can create patient orders and schedule exams by room, date and time. Through a web-based client, referring physicians can view and schedule their own patients’ radiographic services. The Roentgen RIS’ extensive management tool generates daily room schedules and reports. Referring physician offices can be provided a privilege to “hold” schedule slots pending final approval by the hospital or imaging center. With this solution, physicians have complete and secure electronic access to patient information by interfacing to hospital and clinic ADT, Billing, Dictation and Transcription systems by adherence to the DICOM and HL7 standards.
            Roentgen RIS manages radiology exam workflow by tracing exams from source to completion according to the facility’s requirements. The application also provides many user editable tables that can modify the default workflow and solution. Business