IBM names new Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Sales

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Patrick Boyle has been promoted to director for IBM's Americas Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry sales. Boyle's responsibilities include heading IBM's sales efforts in the Provider, Payor and Pharmaceutical areas. Previously, Boyle was business unit executive for IBM's medical imaging business unit.
Boyle emphasized the "substantial focus that IBM has as an information technology company on healthcare and life sciences. In general, the way that we organize our marketing and sales efforts is by industry. So, we have our products groups and services groups and overlaying all of that we organize by industry and I happen to be in the healthcare and life sciences."
"I'm responsible for the Americas sales business," continued Boyle. "So, throughout IBM we literally have dozens of healthcare-specific sales and marketing resources that specifically focus on that customer set."
More specifically, Boyle said IBM seeks to meet the needs of the healthcare and life sciences customer by developing products specific to the needs of the healthcare environment, establishing partnerships and alliances to jointly go to market with top shelf companies in the market, and also by doing new and innovative projects in healthcare directly with our customers, such as the Mayo Clinic Clinical Genomics Database and Data Warehousing systems.
"It's my job to go out and pursue these innovative relationships with customers and specifically guide IBM in what we need to do be of significantly more value to our healthcare customers," Boyle added.
At an even higher level, IBM is focusing on three additional healthcare areas such as the future of personalized medicine, connectivity as a worldwide issue involving the "whole ecosystem" of healthcare, and also the day-to-day use of information technology to improve operational effectiveness and quality of care.
Boyle's group has the additional challenge of uniting IBM's huge portfolio of products to make it relevant to these three overall focus areas, he said.