IDC receives dual-energy imaging technology patent
Imaging Dynamics Company (IDC) has obtained a U.S. patent for a dual energy optically coupled digital radiography system.

"This invention relates to an optically coupled digital radiography method and apparatus for simultaneously obtaining two distinct images of the same subject, each of which represents a different x-ray energy spectrum. The two images may be combined in various ways such that anatomical features may be separated from one another to provide a clearer view of those features or of underlying structures," according to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

IDC said that dual energy imaging allows a doctor to view bone and soft tissue images separately, providing greatly improved diagnostic information. 

“IDC’s method of CCD-based dual energy imaging is an advance over other methods because it captures all the necessary data in a single exposure, thereby eliminating patient motion.  It does this while still providing the high speed and throughput that makes direct digital the clear choice over cassette-based CR imaging,” said Robin Winsor, IDC’s chief technical officer and inventor.

This is the 7th U.S. patent and one of many patents that have been awarded to the company worldwide for technology innovations in digital radiography. IDC was issued U.S. Patent No. 7,330,532 on Feb. 12.