Johnson & Johnson taps Gorsky as CEO
Alex Gorsky, vice chairman of Johnson & Johnson’s executive committee, has been named CEO. He will succeed Bill Weldon, who has served as the company’s CEO and chairman since 2002. Gorsky was nominated for the position at the company’s annual board of directors meeting.

As vice chairman of Johnson & Johnson’s executive committee, Gorsky had rein over the medical devices and diagnostics group, global supply chain/healthcare compliance and privacy, and government affairs and policy.

In the CEO post, Gorsky will assume management responsibilities for Johnson & Johnson. Sheri S. McCoy will be appointed as vice chairman of the executive committee and will report to Gorsky after Gorsky assumes the role of CEO.

Previously, Gorsky served as a sales representative for Janssen Pharmaceutica and was appointed president of Janssen in 2001. He was then promoted to company group chairman of Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In 2004, Gorsky left the company to join Novartis Pharmaceuticals, where he served as head of the company’s pharmaceutical business. In 2008, Gorsky returned to Johnson & Johnson as company group chairman and worldwide franchise chairman for Ethicon.

The appointment will become effective April 26.