Medipattern B-CAD V2 shown to increase diagnostic accuracy by 44%
Researchers in Beijing, China, have found a statistically significant increase in diagnostic accuracy when using Medipattern’s B-CAD Version 2 on lesions less than 1 cm in size, according to a study published in the October issue of the American Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The study was conducted at the PLA301 Hospital in Beijing, China using the global version of B-CAD Version 2, and led by principal authors Jun Lai Li, MD, and Dan Fei Song, MD.

Based upon 100 confirmed biopsied cases, the study compared the diagnostic accuracy of three reading scenarios: a single physician, double reading with two physicians, and a single physician reading with B-CAD. The accuracy of the single physician increased with B-CAD in all categories. The most striking result shows a statistically significant 44 percent improvement in diagnostic accuracy for the single reader with B-CAD V2 on lesions less than 1 cm in size (n equals 9), according to the researchers.

"Finding small cancers is a particularly important part of our overall goal to find cancer in its earliest stage while it is still treatable. Yet small cancers present doctors with their greatest challenge as it is one of the main reasons for misdiagnosis. B-CAD can assist doctors in focusing on these easily overlooked important details and increase the detection rate of small breast cancers," noted Li.

B-CAD V2 is currently available globally outside of the United States and has received Chinese SFDA as well as CE-medical in Europe and of course Canadian CMDCAS, according to the Toronto-based Medipattern.