New Products from Emageon, Thinking Systems, TeraRecon
Emageon announced new product developments including a new quality control tool for technologists, a radiology content management system, and newly enhanced web-based admin tools. These new developments follow the company’s roll out of its new Enterprise Visual Medical System (EVMS) system release 5.30. The company plans to have these developments on display at this year’s RSNA in Chicago this month. Product details include:
  • Technologist QC – is a native quality control tool that runs in the EVMS Advanced Visualization environment. Using the tool, from any secure workstation located inside or outside the enterprise, a user can edit demographics, merge patients or studies, split studies, renumber images, match on Modality Worklist (MWL), and correct images;
  • Personal Content Management (PCM) provides an entire user environment that is distributed throughout the enterprise rather than just the images. Users can subscribe to folders to initiate streaming of studies from selected folders, avoiding problems associated with “push-model” found in many systems. PCM stores encrypted versions of the retrieved studies locally, improving performance of the remote user’s experience; and
  • Enhanced web admin – A comprehensive toolset for PACS administrators, radiology IT and radiology directors that offers data mining capabilities with reports, configuration tools, audit logs, policy-based deletion settings, and others.

TeraRecon introduced a small footprint, seated Dental Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scanner based on its proprietary XTrillion image processing technology. This Dental CBCT scanner delivers high resolution 3D imaging capabilities with fast (20 seconds) scan times and is bundled with industry standard surgical planning software including SimPlant, ILS, and InVivo Dental.

Thinking Systems released a new version of its ThinkingPACS that supports the new DICOM 3.0 2006 standard for color and grayscale presentation states, key objects and structured reporting. ThinkingPACS support a large variety of modalities, including PET-CT and SPECT-CT fusion, nuclear cardiology processing and analysis, general nuclear medicine processing and review, cardiac PET analysis, PET brain analysis, 3D/MPR, calcium scoring, cardiac CTA, cardiac catheterization and angiography, echocardiography, general ultrasound, orthopedic templating, mammography, and connectivity to modalities, in addition to the conventional radiological CT, MR, and CR/DR imaging functionalities.