Philips unveils panoply of products

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Philips FIMI Cliniscape Mobile Clinical Assistant allows nurses and physicians to wirelessly access patient data and clinical applications.  

Philips Healthcare announced a realignment of the management structure of its entire portfolio of clinical information solutions including patient monitoring, enterprise and clinical image management, anesthesia information, women’s health information, and cardiology information systems, at the 2008 HIMSS conference in Orlando, Fla. 

According to the company, the realignment allows it to meet the clinical workflow and information needs demanded by its clinical customers and enable it to harmonize clinical systems with the infrastructure and integration needs required by informatics customers.

The vendor demonstrated this corporate initiative with a broad spectrum of healthcare informatics systems and devices on display in the Orange County Convention Center.

Philips showcased the latest advances of its SpeechMagic technology platform which include: the addition of English for the Canadian market and Slovenian to the systems’ language portfolio, which now supports 25 unique languages; a partnership with Elsevier to integrate speech recognition with radiology diagnostic reference system for better decision support during review and diagnosis of patient cases; and a collaboration with 3M Health Information Systems integrate speech recognition and document creation products.

The vendor also demonstrated the benefits of converting speech-recognized text into structured information for improved decision support and as a basis for automated information capturing in the electronic health record (EHR). In addition, for an all-too-often overlooked segment of the caregiver spectrum, the firm unveiled a point-of-care reporting solution for nurses in cooperation with VoiceViewer Technologies.

Philips’ radiology IT solutions – iSite PACS and XIRIS – were spotlighted and feature proprietary technology, iSyntax, which enables efficient delivery of clinical information throughout the enterprise.

The latest iteration of Philips iSite PACS feature advanced visualization capabilities that are completely integrated into the PACS workflow and provide additional diagnostic information through clinically relevant visualization anywhere throughout the enterprise, the company said. Fully interactive, real-time volumetric reading tools (and Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP), Multi-Planar Reformatting (MPR), 3D) are delivered to the PACS workstation, which brings advanced rendering performance and scalability without additional cost and complexities.

iSite PACS also provides all tools required to perform soft-copy screening and reading of mammography exams, including: configurable keyboard shortcuts, keypad support, advanced hanging protocols, hanging protocols sequencing, step zoom tool, magnifying glass, as well as the receipt and display of computer-assisted detection (CAD) markers.

In addition, Philips introduced new advanced clinical applications at HIMSS. The vendor demonstrated three 3D clinical applications, which are completely integrated with the latest version of Philips iSite PACS and will be offered as add-on options. These are Philips iSite Volume Vision along with work-in-progress solutions, Philips iSite Pulmonary Embolism Assessment and Philips iSite CT Colonography.

The iSite Volume Vision tool offers an extended, high-speed, fully integrated 3D advanced visualization toolset to improve diagnostic efficiency. The iSite Pulmonary Embolism Assessment application helps physicians identify hard-to-find and dangerous thrombus in lung vessels, while iSite CT Colonography is a 3D application for colon polyp identification in CT data sets.

XIRIS is a web-based RIS that can scale to meet the needs of community hospitals as well as large, multiple-facility hospitals. XIRIS also provides an international and multilingual solution.  XIRIS is designed to manage patient registration, scheduling, exam tracking, staff and resource management, eligibility and verification, medical necessity and the generation of reports and statistical information, the company said.

Philips Healthcare displayed its comprehensive cardiovascular IT solutions that support enterprise connectivity, multimodality image management, advanced clinical applications, clinical reporting, outcomes-based analysis reporting, cath lab management and cardiovascular ultrasound reporting, multimodality