Providers value functionality in advanced viz software

Two-thirds of surveyed providers would consider using their advanced visualization system as their primary reading environment as a way of consolidating vendors, according to the report “Advanced Visualization 2013: How Advanced Is It?” from market research firm KLAS.

This desire to consolidate would seem to benefit advanced visualization system vendors like Siemens, GE and Philips who are also modality suppliers, according to the report’s executive summary. Providers who did not wish to use the software as a reading environment indicated advanced visualization systems don’t offer the same functionality as the PACS workflow they currently use.

The report also showed that cardiac, vascular and neurology are the most critical areas for the use of advanced visualization software in the eyes of providers.

Breaking down the different vendors, Vital ranked as one of the top two vendors in all three of the most critical areas, while other vendors had more variable results. Philips, for example, ranked No. 1 in neurology and rated highly in cardiac imaging, but came in fifth for vascular imaging. TeraRecon was one of the leaders in the vascular space, but lagged behind in cardiac and neurology.

Providers also indicated that high functionality and a positive purchasing experience don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. Despite scoring top marks for functionality in all but one area, Vital was fourth out of five for sales experience, according to KLAS.

GE and Philips clocked in as the vendors with the most user-friendly advanced visualization systems.