RSNA: TeraRecon, M*Modal distribute AIM schema quantitative results
TeraRecon, a provider of advanced visualization and decision support solutions for medical imaging, showcased Aquarius iNtuition at the Toward Quantitative Imaging: Reading Room of the Future exhibit at the Radiological Society of America (RSNA) scientific assembly in Chicago last week.

"The "Reading Room of the Future" was a new exhibit to RSNA this year, and was an educational showcase to provide visual and experiential exposure to the concepts of quantitative imaging and imaging biomarkers by showcasing products of 15 exhibitors that integrate quantitative analysis into the image interpretation process.

The exhibit featured Meet the Experts live demonstrations with William Boonn, MD, and Stefan Zimmerman, MD of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

TeraRecon said its Aquarius iNtuition, an enterprise-wide server-based advanced visualization and decision support technology, provides clinical applications that can perform user-defined clinical workflow and measurement protocols to achieve quantitative interpretation with online RADLEX lookup for terminology and export of results using the Annotation Image Markup (AIM) schema, providing interoperability benefits and delivering accurate quantitative results to EHR.  In addition, the storing of such quantitative information can become an integral part of patient care, research and teaching.

The exhibit also featured the integration of Aquarius iNtuition with M*Modal’s AnyModal CDS speech understanding system that accepts AIM data and translates additional physician dictation in real time into a structured document in HL7 CDA format.