RSNA: Toshiba highlights panoply of products
Toshiba America Medical Systems is showcasing a cornucopia of diagnostic imaging technologies at the 2009 Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) conference.

The company will show its Aquilion One capabilities for emergency departments, in the stroke setting and for pediatric imaging, highlighting its capabilities to save time in emergency departments and image pediatric patients with reduced sedation and radiation. The Aquilion One can scan an entire organ, including the brain, in a single rotation because it covers up to 16 cm of anatomy using 320 high-resolution 0.5 mm detector elements, and shows the organ’s blood flow and function. Toshiba also will be previewing new software upgrades for the Aquilion One.

Toshiba will showcase the Aquilion CX, a 64-slice row CT system, which creates up to 28 images per second. It also includes Toshiba’s Quantum Advantage detector technology and a patient couch accommodating up to 660 lbs. The system is designed for advanced, emergency and routine radiology exams. The CX features a 72 kW generator for wider mA scanning flexibility, coneXact software for extremities and IACs, SUREExposure including QDS and Boost3D.

Toshiba will unveil a new laptop ultrasound system as a work-in progress, designed for patient exams, including traditional radiology, emergency, OB/GYN, vascular and bariatric.

Precision Imaging technology will also be demonstrated, available on Toshiba’s Xario XG and Aplio XG ultrasound systems. As a multi-resolution signal processing technology, Precision Imaging acquires ultrasound images that not only evaluate images line-by-line, but also includes information from adjacent lines. It shows contrast boundaries between tissue and lesions, visualizes vessel walls and enhances true color borders in difficult to image areas.

Toshiba will showcase the upgraded Infinix VF-i/BP with large- and mid-size flat panel detectors, designed to increase capabilities in bi-plane vascular x-ray imaging. The mid and large panel detectors provide clinicians with numerous variations of angle combinations and anatomical coverage to create the universal bi-plane vascular x-ray system.

During the meeting, the company also will introduce its new Hybrid Angiographic Table as a work-in-progress for its Infinix vascular x-ray product line. Designed for the IR/OR suite, the hybrid table allows for head-to-toe and side-to-side tilting of the patient.

To demonstrate updated workflow, Toshiba will showcase the Radrex-i mixed detector digital radiography (DR) system. The Radrex -i mixed-detector system utilizes two high-resolution detectors, a 17-inch x 17-inch fixed detector located in the tilting wall stand and a 14-inch x 17-inch removable detector in the table, to provide dual detector performance with a portable detector.

During the meeting, Toshiba also will showcase its Titan 3T MR system as a work-in-progress, which incorporates the Pianissimo sound-reduction technology to reduce exam noise by up to 90 percent. The Titan 3T boasts a 71 cm aperture and a clinical field of view of 55x55x50 cm. Also, the Titan 3T incorporates the ability to perform contrast-free MRA exams utilizing Toshiba’s non-contrast sequences. The Titan 3T also utilizes Toshiba’s Atlas coil technology.