Siemens showcases new MRI, advanced visualization offerings
Siemens Medical Solutions introduced a new MRI platform, the 1.5-Tesla Magnetom Essenza, and its syngo advanced visualization technology at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual conference.

The Magnetom Essenza, which recently received FDA 510(k) marketing clearance, is designed to provide an optimal operating cost, which could save facilities as much as 50 percent on their MR energy bill compared with older systems, Siemens said. It features an advanced magnet design to ensure maximum product uptime with a state-of-the-art zero helium boil-off magnet and is targeted for the small hospital and diagnostic imaging center market.

The Magnetom Essenza supports a complete range of clinical applications, including neurology, orthopedics, body imaging, angiography, cardiology, breast imaging, oncology and pediatric imaging. The device has up to 25 seamlessly integrated coil elements and eight independent radiofrequency channels, V-engine gradients (30 mT/m), and incorporates Siemens’ total imaging matrix (Tim) technology that can help boost patient throughput, according to the company.

The modality also features Siemens’ newest coil innovation, the IsoCenter Matrix coil, which is placed in the isocenter of the magnet, which ensures that it is always in position and ready to scan. The IsoCenter Matrix coil can also be used in flexible combinations with anterior coils and works as a 140 cm coil in multi-step exams to avoid repositioning, Siemens said.

The magnet has simple siting requirements, is lightweight (approximately 3.5 tons), and has an ultra-short bore-length of 145 cm, the company said. The Essenza is the fourth 1.5-T system to join Siemens’ product portfolio, which also includes the Magnetom Avanto, the Magnetom Espree and the Magnetom Symphony.

Siemens also highlighted its syngo TrueD application as part of Siemens’ syngo software platform for RIS, PACS, post-processing and image distribution.

The syngo TrueD 3D-application provides advanced image analysis and comparison, supporting physicians in diagnosis and decision making, according to Siemens. The application enhances clinical workflow by enabling efficient reading of multimodality patient scans from multiple time points, including PET/CT, SPECT/CT as well as the fusion of CT or MR with PET or SPECT images, the company said.