SIIM 2008: Where Imaging, Informatics & Ingenuity Meet
When the Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) meets for its annual symposia in Seattle this month (May 15-18), the hot topics will be everything PACS—imaging center workflow and IT infrastructure, working with ‘ologies outside of radiology, operational policies and procedures, RIS and PACS replacement strategies, disaster recovery planning, communicating test results and IHE vs. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The educational sessions offer practical examples and demonstrations for the beginner and expert, combined with the latest research and science in imaging informatics.

This year, the meeting has added student scientific travel awards and incorporated hands-on learning labs that give attendees the chance to get up-close-and-personal with some of the latest technologies and research.

In the opening session on May 15th, Ronald L. Arenson, MD, will address how, historically, centralized health information systems served central functions like billing and admissions well, but fell far short on departmental clinical functions. He will focus on how radiology has traditionally been a leader in informatics and should continue to lead the effort for distributed, but integrated, systems.

The rest of the program features several sessions that focus on enterprise imaging, including a SIIM University session on enterprise integration strategies and a Hot Topic session drawing similarities and contrasts between image management issues inside and outside of radiology. The program also includes SIIM University, hot topic sessions, 10 scientific sessions and a poster and demonstration session (see those live on May 16th from 3:30-5 p.m.), learning labs, “In the Crossfire” debates, and an open-source plug fest. 

At the closing session on May 18th, Drs. Eliot Siegel and Khan Siddiqui are convening a panel of experts, including corporate and imaging informatics luminaries, to tackle the most topical and controversial questions about PACS and imaging informatics. For more information, visit

AFC Industries (Booth 400) is introducing its Pneumatic Lift Wall Mount, a radiology workstation engineered for confined areas, and a next-generation, single-tier, height-adjustable cart, ErgoTier. The ergonomic mount has a gas-spring, height-adjustable mechanism for use while sitting or standing. ErgoTier also has a new flat-panel monitor platform.

Agfa HealthCare (Booth 616) is showcasing the latest iteration of its Impax PACS product; its multi-application CR 30-X, a desktop model CR solution designed for installation, use and maintenance; the Impax RIS and Impax Data Center; and iPlan, a web-based enterprise scheduling solution.

The CR 30-X provides smaller x-ray facilities with an analog-to-digital solution. Impax PACS has been redesigned with a clinical information page, including access to clinical data during the image review, embedded reporting tools, and a context-driven URL-based query model for information searches. Impax RIS uses a persona-based workflow and Impax Data Center is a vendor-neutral enterprise archive, adhering to the IHE framework.

AMICAS (Booth 339) is demonstrating the capabilities of its Vision Series PACS Version 5.5, Vision Reach 2.0 and RadStream workflow solution. Version 5.5 introduces role-based workflow management, including extended Vision Watch reporting capabilities and new high-availability options. Vision Reach 2.0 includes follow-up order entry and automatic report completion notification.  The company also is showing its RadStream solution for the automation and documentation of communicating and the prioritizing exam results.

Amirsys (Booth 129) is exhibiting its STATdx diagnostic decision support with PACS Integration Partners. PACS/RIS integrated STATdx provides new features, including Live Reference and Compare Anywhere, and provides institution-wide access with a one-click login.

Anthro Corporation (Booth 603) is presenting eNook Pro, a wall-mounted, lockable workstation for LCDs and laptops. The eNook Pro needs only 36 inches of wall space. The workstation comes in two sizes with a bottom compartment and separate door to store power strips and cords.

Atirix Medical Systems (Booth 112) is demonstrating its MQSA WorkBench, a subset of the Mammography Operational Management system, which enables integrated facilities to log, track and report exams per Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) requirements, to automatically generate audit-ready reports for screening exam data by date range.

Barco (Booth 101) is showcasing its display system, the Coronis Fusion 6 MP DL. The 30-inch color LCD can be used as two seamless 3-MP heads or one wide-screen 6-MP display. This allows radiologists to read chest x-ray, CT, MR, cath and echocardiogram images, or any other combination, side-by-side on one screen.

Brit Systems (Booth 233) is introducing a bundled PACS offering for even small offices and imaging centers. The base bundle includes an on-site PACS server/router/archive, licenses for Brit View (DICOM Viewer) and Brit Lite (web viewer), a CD burner, off-site storage of images and database backups and services for DICOM integration of modalities and training. The bundle includes Brit’s Exam Loop tool for managing the exam process and the On Patrol 24x7 monitoring service.

Candelis (Booth 439) is highlighting its suite of RIS/PACS technology, ImageGrid. The system has an ImageGrid PACS web viewer, a web-based diagnostic viewer for radiology applications; ImageGrid PACS Mammography web viewer for mammo-specific diagnostic study reading; ImageGrid RIS, a web-based solution with HL7 support to assist imaging center workflow; and the ImageGrid DICOM Encapsulation feature.

Canon Medical Systems USA (Booth 809) is showcasing the Canon CXDI-50G portable DR system, which offers a thin, lightweight design with a 14- x 17-inch imaging area. When combined with a mobile unit, the Canon CXDI-50G can bring DR to the patient’s bedside.
Canon also is displaying the PIXMA Pro9000 photo printer, the imagePROGRAF iPF500 large format printer and the REALiS SX7 projector.

Carestream Health (Booth 107) is exhibiting new features in its integrated Carestream RIS/PACS product, its new Classic/Elite CR Systems and the newest version of its Information Management Solutions (IMS).

Clinical applications are embedded into the PACS platform and available to onsite and offsite users. The RIS platform eliminates redundant data entry, delivering information automatically. New voice-activated controls and standardized reporting allows report dictation offsite.

The Kodak DirectView Classic and Elite CR Systems perform general radiography, long-length, dental and mammo exams. The latest iteration of IMS offers viewing of imaging exams and other types of patient documents, while facilitating image integration with EMR systems.

CoActiv Medical Business Solutions (Booth 500) is unveiling its Exam-PACS for Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system. The latest release of the application incorporates the features and functionalities of Exam-PACS with Microsoft compatibility.

Codonics (Booth 721) is demonstrating its Codonics Integrity Medical Image Importer for importing patient studies from disc into PACS. The product optimizes image-import workflow by bringing reconciliation work to the user, instead of the user to the work.

Compressus (Booth 727) is showcasing several MEDxConnect product line expansions, including Study Routing Management, that allows radiologists to review and diagnose any study from any workstation on the network. The new routing with the MEDxConnect Medical Message Mediator in conjunction with the MEDxConnect Virtual Worklist is capable of automatically aligning studies and information. The MEDxConnect System, using the HL7 and DICOM standards together, gathers customer-prescribed delivery of data across the enterprise.

Connect Imaging (Booth 1102) is releasing a new version of its Mammo ViewBox software to support a high-resolution mammography display from Totoku Electric. The software will support the ISD technology of the Totoku MS51i2 digital mammography display. It is compatible with any DICOM PACS, and the software can be offered to all users of digital mammography.

DatCard Systems (Booth 700) is unveiling the first solution from its new SmartLine product family, BabySmart. The SmartLine suite provides patients with educational information specific to ultrasound (BabySmart), mammography (MammoSmart) and many other disciplines on an automatically produced and customizable CD/DVD.

DeJarnette Research Systems (Booth 502) is featuring its PACSware Migration Gateway v2.02 toolkit. The Microsoft Windows-based toolkit supports the migration of PACS data from a legacy PACS to any new PACS. The toolkit supports multiple DICOM-based migration strategies, including study date-based migration, platter-volume-based migration, RAID migration, pre-fetch-based migration, ad-hoc migration and double pitch operation.

Double Black Imaging (Booth 401) is featuring the new Wide P-Series line of LCDs, consisting of a 2MP monochrome and color, a 3MP monochrome and color and a 5MP monochrome LCD for mammography. The line will feature high brightness levels, digital uniformity control, 12-bit processing, a retractable front sensor for DICOM calibration, a backlight sensor for luminance control and bonded protective panels. 

DR Systems (Booth 701) is displaying new features for its Unity RIS/PACS product. Critical Results Tracking can define and track critical results/tests. The Unity RIS/PACS Peer Review Monitoring has secure reviews, flags, grades and responds to peer review during the reading process or a focused review. Unity can be integrated with full-field digital mammography.

EDDA Technology (Booth 932) is showcasing the IQQA-Chest CAD for DR/CR, which provides a set of real-time interactive tools to support radiologists in their identification, confirmation and quantification of lung nodules as small as 5 mm in diameter.
The company also is highlighting its IQQA-Liver for contrast CT, which supports physicians’ real-time evaluation of liver and hepatic lesions on a hospital’s existing PACS workstations providing 3D segmentation and measurement tools to analyze liver lesions, hepatic vascular structures and liver lobes.

Eizo Nanao Technologies (Booth 219) is introducing its RadiForce RX211, a 2 MP (1200x1600 native resolution) color LCD monitor. With the RadiForce RX211, viewing color and monochrome images can be done on one monitor.

Emageon (Booth 609) is highlighting its RadSuite integrated package that offers: the RadSuite Premium and RadSuite Express for multi-systems integration and standards-based architecture with native integrated 3D tools; RadSuite RIS, which uses HL7 and DICOM, follows IHE protocols and has HIPAA audit reporting; MammoSuite, which offers automated tracking, reporting and letter generation; OrthoSuite, which has orthopedic templating and surgical planning and desktop integration; and storage.

Exogen (Booth 917) is debuting its Blue Ocean real-time operational intelligence platform that delivers role-based, key performance indicators (KPIs). This automated approach to data aggregation and visualization includes: web-based technology; real-time KPI visualization; drill-down KPI capabilities from enterprise to department to group to individual performance metrics; alert management system; benchmarking capabilities; and enterprise deployment.

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA (Booth 639) is showcasing Synapse Version 3.2.1, which has a new graphical user interface that allows radiologists to identify and access information and generate reports.

Fujifilm also is spotlighting its cardiology PACS Version 4.0, which features ProSolv CardioVascular, a web-based application for full-viewing and reporting capabilities, SSL-secured protocols with a single-click application download and installation. The new release also includes the integration of its radiology PACS application, Synapse, with ProSolv CVIIS. 

GE Healthcare (Booth 325) is showing the latest Centricity PACS-IW Version 3.7.1, which includes new workflow, advanced visualization and interpretation efficiency features. GE also is highlighting the latest version of Centricity RIS/PACS-IW, Version 4.1 for outpatient imaging centers.

The Version 3.7.1 features: the ability to manually and/or automatically link studies across the enterprise with different medical record numbers, based on pre-defined criteria to form a single Master Patient Index; Manual and Auto-Worklist Assignment that enables a study to be placed via a RIS HL7 message on a user’s private worklist, or manually by a user; and the peerVue qiVue Integration, which has ER discrepancy alerts.

Centricity PACS-IW Version 3.7.1’s advanced visualization features include a web-based PET/CT module (optional) with the full functionality of PET/CT workstations, which are pending FDA approval. Also, its Orthocrat TraumaCad 2.0 provides support for web-based integration to the latest release of TraumaCad for orthopedic templating and surgical planning. Additional features include: Enhanced Comparison Mode to compare prior studies with a new zero pixel travel graphical user interface for layouts; and templated email to automatically send referring physicians imaging results.

Imaging Dynamics Company (Booth 901) is highlighting its new IDC X-Series CCD-based imaging detectors: X3C and X4C, which represent digital alternatives to film-based x-rays. The technology provides higher sensitivity and amplified dynamic range; anti-blooming for image quality; reduced distortion and low noise; lateral Overflow Drain to eliminate saturation artifacts; and soft-tissue imaging without losing bone detail.

InSite One (Booth 314) is unveiling new disaster recovery and enterprise services, which include tools for rapid recovery of large data sets and solutions to provide constant data access to stored exams during an abnormal period of operation, whether a declared event or natural disaster.

Integrated Modular Systems (Booth 812) is debuting the small-to-medium size clinic and imaging center features and functions of its imsiView.RIS, along with its full imsimed product line of imaging components. The integrated-system configuration includes scheduling, reporting, billing, film digitizing, media production, 3D viewing, orthopedic templating, dual-monitor high-resolution viewing, DICOM Mail, Store, Query/Retrieve, and Modality Work.

Intelerad (Booth 923) is demonstrating the latest release of its IntelePACS, which includes workflow performance boosters for speed and streaming capabilities; an optimized RIS gateway to handle multiple HL7 feeds to and from different systems or facilities; and the IntelePACS Report Generation and Distribution module with optional integration to InteleDictation or preferred voice recognition package.

Iron Mountain (Booth 310) is highlighting its new Digital Record Center for Medical Images disaster recovery and long-term archiving service, powered by the HP Medical Archive solution (MAS). The digital center provides secure, off-site, back-up protection for long-term archival storage of medical fixed content, consisting of factory-integrated HP disk storage and servers, as well as indexing and policy management software.

Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA (Booth 827) is showcasing its Reguis digital imaging suite and the new ImagePilot CR. The Regius digital imaging suite consists of the Reguis 370 DR system, a float-top table, the Nano CR and a control station that controls both Regius 370 and Nano CR. The new ImagePilot CR provides an integrated digital imaging acquisition, review and storage solution, designed for physician clinics.

M*Modal (Booth 833) is highlighting AnyModal CDS Live, an extension of its hosted conversational documentation service, AnyModal CDS, to provide speech understanding functionality in real time while working with existing hardware. The technology captures and comprehends clinical information from dictation, transforming it directly into accessible, retrievable and shareable electronic files.

MagView (Booth 305) is premiering paperless Patient History modules that run on Tablet PCs. MagView’s Patient History module allows breast imaging facilities to electronically collect the same breast history information that patients currently fill out on paper.

McKesson (Booth 309) is highlighting Horizon Medical Imaging, which allows reading and reporting at remote locations in the OR or ED. Horizon Medical Imaging Collaboration module’s Emergency Room Discrepancy Tracking Tool allows communication between the ED physician and radiologist.

Also being showcased is the Horizon Radiology Manager, a single-vendor RIS/PACS solution with enterprise integration with clinical IT solutions to ensure a complete patient record. Horizon Cardiology and CVIS offers an ECG workflow solution, hemo and ECG options that are available separate from CVIS with multi-vendor interface capabilities. Horizon Optical Imaging integrates other imaging modalities into a patient medical record. McKesson Radiology Office offers a turnkey RIS, PACS and revenue cycle outsourcing solution that provides scheduling, image management, report production and revenue cycle support for facilities that perform less that 50,000 procedures annually.

MedQuist (Booth 304) is spotlighting an integration capability between its SpeechQ for radiology interactive speech recognition and various medical imaging PACS, with features that include: enhanced bidirectional ability between PACS and SpeechQ; implementation of true bidirectional messaging; implementation of bidirectional communication of status and state; streamlined login and logout for radiologists; and improved workflow for report creation, via application synchronization features that reduce clicks to the physician. 

NAI Technology Products (Booth 535) is highlighting its MDR Publisher, a self-contained, automated, DICOM disc publishing system that features DICOM image server, integrated DVD or CD burning capabilities and full-color label graphics printing. The product provides a cost-effective solution for publishing and distribution of patient image DVD or CDs; offers a user interface and media publishing capabilities. 

NovaRad (Booth 503) is promoting the latest offering of its PACS and RIS, NovaPACS and NovaRIS 7.0, which integrates enhanced image access and scheduling/billing/process management. The company also is showcasing its NovaCardio PACS for small and medium facilities to ease web viewing and provide access to the system’s tools. Additional features include: advanced storage management and hanging protocols; non-DICOM capture and non-DICOM cine capture; automated physician reports; percent stenosis; measuring tools; annotation tools; and non-DICOM cine capture.

Online Radiology Medical Group (Booth 308) is highlighting its expanded service offering which includes dictated reports for mammography screening procedures. The new tele-mammography service allows imaging centers and clinics to help cover overflow of exams, clear-out backlogs and improve turn-around times.

PACSGEAR (Booth 625) is showcasing a high-volume, high-quality robotic CD/DVD burner for its MediaWriter D200, which uses the Epson Discproducer to write and print DICOM CD/DVDs with one click. The disc producer has two CD/DVD drives and a 100-disc capacity.

PACSHealth (Booth 312) is releasing version 2.5 of its PACS-Health software, including: PACSHealth Alerts Enhanced Email Notification to send email alerts to a user-configurable email address upon reaching thresholds of system events; PACSHealth Score that calculates the system’s health, based on weighted contributions from system-caused anomalies and user-caused anomalies on a scale between zero and 1,000; Three Tier Security Access that incorporates multi-level security access based on role; and regional date/time support for end user/site location.

peerVue (Booth 300) is showcasing its qiVue solution, which addresses multiple areas in a single PACS-integrated web-based package including test results, peer review, ED, discrepancy management and technologist performance.

Philips Healthcare (Booth 801) is introducing its new 3D clinical applications integrated into the latest version of iSite PACS and available as add-on options, including Philips iSite Volume Vision and its work-in-progress applications, Philips iSite Pulmonary Embolism Assessment and Philips iSite CT Colonography. The company also is demonstrating its automated one-touch workflow CR system, PCR Eleva. Its Xiris RIS, Xcelera cardiology information system and its new Xper cardiovascular information management solution also are on display.

Quest International (Booth 907) is showing 12-bit, grayscale mammographic images, utilizing an Apple Mac system, OsiriX and the Totoku ME551i2 medical LCD display. The technology uses the Apple Mac Pro 8-Core workstation with two ME551i2 medical LCD displays. The ME551i2 is a 21.3-inch, 5 MP, DICOM-compliant diagnostic display, which can interface with the new 64-bit version of OsiriX, an open-source PACS workstation DICOM viewer.

RADinfo Systems (Booth 303) is showing a secured version of PowerPACS DICOMmail software, allowing physicians to send DICOM image studies and reports through common email systems. The software provides various compression algorithms and full encryption to protect patient information, converting jpeg and bmp images into DICOM format.

RamSoft (Booth 333) is introducing a new referring Physician Portal. The addition to the PowerServer PACS enables physicians to access patient information and exam results remotely without installing additional software. Features include a customizable graphical user interface, flexible patient and report viewer, integrated search and web security. 

RedRick Technologies (Booth 920) is showcasing its ComfortView product line of customizable workstations that are height-adjustable with a sturdy base. The CVM Motorized Monitor Mounting Solution maximizes adjustability with ease. Also on display is the CV Ambient Lighting Solution, available in blue or white light, designed to reduce eye fatigue and increase visual acuity.

RSA Biomedical (Booth 1006) is displaying its new version of mdesk, a system for orthopedic preoperative planning and templating, which includes a complete setup of preoperative and postoperative wizards for measurements and templating and a range of templates for orthopedic surgery. The new way of templating optimizes workflow by: templating and measuring the areas of orthopedic surgery; all templates for joints from the major manufacturers; and an extended technical platform to facilitate PACS integration.

S&S X-Ray/S&S RADX (Booth 215) is introducing an ergonomic table surface for its new EW100 Full Featured Ergonomic Workstation. The new table surface considers physician comfort, and added to the table functionality will be a flexible monitor arm system. The workstation is available in 48-, 60- and 72-inch sizes with dual or single table surfaces.

ScImage (Booth 207) is showcasing its web-server based Enterprise PACS, PicomEnterprise, which employs a single database to organize, categorize, store and distribute exam-specific information from multiple departments to a local PC, regardless of modality. The PACS data can be DICOM, non-DICOM images, clinical reporting, physician dictations, ECG waveforms and jpeg photos or mpeg videos. PicomEnterprise supports IHE workflow profiles for radiology, cardiac cath and echocardiography, integrating with existing information systems to reduce data entry errors.

Sectra (Booth 709) is displaying its PACS workstation IDS7, Sectra RIS and MX Mammography Workstation. The IDS7 is designed for distributed reading scenarios. Sectra RIS, a single-desktop solution, integrated with Sectra PACS, allows for RIS- or PACS-driven workflow, embedded speech recognition, MQSA reporting and a web-based referring-physician portal.

Siemens Healthcare (Booth 317) is showcasing its syngo Suite portfolio of image management solutions with a web-enabled RIS and PACS with integrated image post-processing, computer-aided detection (CAD), embedded speech recognition or dictation and voice functions.

The systems on display are: syngo Imaging (PACS) workplace featuring Smart Select, which allows the radiologist to perform viewing and post-processing functions without looking away; syngo Dynamics (C-PACS) is a multi-frame review and archiving system using evidence-based reporting, offering access anywhere to cardiology and ultrasound imaging studies and reports at workstations; syngo Workflow RIS supports order entry and registration, event and patient tracking, coding, paperless communication, interactive documents, online order requisition, speech recognition, PACS integration and bidirectional communication; syngo Imaging XS is the syngo Suite’s scalable PACS solution, adapted to volume and supports centralized and de-centralized system architectures; syngo TrueD is a multi-modality application for oncology, supporting PET/CT, SPECT/CT, CT or MR fused with PET or SPECT.

syngo WebSpace turns office PCs and laptops with internet access into CT workplaces, offering real-time access to 3D data through a network connection. The service has Advanced Vessel Analysis, a vessel segmentation algorithm with centerline editing capability, guided workflow, automated measurement tools and reporting tools.

Sorna (Booth 733) is introducing two new publishing systems, eXpedo Classic and Reviewer Duet to its family of products. The eXpedo Classic is a networked, automated DICOM CD/DVD integrated burner/labeler that burns either a CD or DVD upon receipt of DICOM images from imaging modalities or a PACS. A DICOM viewer is embedded on each disc, which has photographic quality, full-color custom labeling. The system is available in two models, Sorna’s 5i for low-volume users and the 22i for moderate-volume users.
The Reviewer Duet is a networked manual CD/DVD publishing system with an integrated burner/labeler that supports multiple photographic-quality color custom labels.

TeraMedica (Booth 822) is unveiling a new Evercore – SOAR platform, which is built on service oriented architecture (SOA). The platform uses standard web services protocols, which allow Evercore Clinical Information Manager to operate as a SOA.

TeraRecon (Booth 113) is releasing updates for its Aquarius iNtuition platform, a suite of advanced visualization offerings designed to support both centralized and distributed configurations. The platform can act as one large virtual server presenting a single database to any user anywhere, using Tera-Recon’s Mutual Awareness technology. The platform supports long-term enterprise planning.

U.S. Electronics (Booth 340) is highlighting MS51i2, Totoku’s 21.3-inch monochrome display with 15 mega subpixel resolution. The company also is featuring its new 3MP (CCL354i2) and 2MP (CCL254i2) color LCDs. The models have a maximum luminance of 800cd/m2 and 950cd/m2 respectively, and can accurately reproduce high-quality monochrome images.

Vidar Systems (Booth 518) is highlighting upgrades to its DosimetryPro Advantage film digitizer and featuring its CAD Pro Advantage digitizer for mammography. The DosimetryPro Advantage for oncology treatment planning features a red LED version for use with International Specialty Products’ Gafchromic EBT film. Upgrades to the DosimetryPro include USB connectivity, RoHS compliance to meet EU standards for lead-free electronics and a removable LED lighting system.

Vidar is displaying its CAD Pro Advantage that runs with Vidar’s new ClinicalExpress 4.0 software to evaluate image quality on a mammography reading workstation.

Virtual Radiologic (Booth 135) is presenting vRad Enterprise Connect, its enterprise-class, distributed, web-based workflow platform, as well as its vRad Connect, a workflow engine for small- and mid-size radiology practices. vRad Enterprise Connect is engineered for large radiology groups developing a teleradiology program. vRadConnect has a worklist platform and is available as both a basic (free) or premium service.

Visage Imaging (Booth 841) is showcasing its Visage Thin Client product family with features for workflow optimization and new clinical applications. The integrated Visage Thin Client solutions enhance the clinical workflow, with tools for 2D, 3D and 4D image review, as well as interpretation, post-processing, data management and image distribution.

Vital Images (Booth 527) is featuring its enterprise solution comprising of Vitrea and ViTALConnect software. Vitrea, Version 4.0 and ViTALConnect, Version 4.1 offer advanced visualization and analysis capabilities via workstation clients, remote clients and web-based clients. The enterprise solution is designed to increase efficiency by providing physicians with access to advanced visualization tools, anywhere via the web.