The siren song of 3D printing: Is radiology feeling the love?

While it may seem like a match made in heaven, some within radiology have resisted hitching their wagons to the increasingly attractive prospect of 3D printing utilization. But the time has come, according to an article recently published online by, for radiology to make a commitment and “pop the question” to the rapidly advancing healthcare tool.

“What if radiology’s current product and service could both be augmented in a big way through 3D printing?” asked Nadim Michel Daher, Industry Principal of Medical Imaging and Imaging Informatics at the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. “What if radiology’s service line could expand to provide not just image interpretations, insights, and recommendations based on images, but also customized surgical guides and positioners, patient-specific prostheses, biocompatible implants for regenerative medicine, or deformable models for surgical training? The opportunities for radiology seem endless and are actually coming of age.”

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