The Talk on Speech & Voice Recognition
Commissure (Booth #6541) is launching RadWhere Workflow Orchestrator and RadCube Suite. RadWhere Workflow Orchestrator enables radiology departments to connect multiple PACS, RIS, 3D, advanced visualization, and teleradiology information into a central worklist. RadWhere Workflow Orchestrator can incorporate any combination of legacy and web-based systems, while controlling workflow with bidirectional communication to allow the interpreting radiologist to read from an unlimited number of systems yet view a single worklist on one PC. The real-time speech reporting application uses patented natural language understanding algorithms to speed the reporting process.

RadCube Suite provides rich multidimensional data-mining tools via an easy-to-use, highly secure and intuitive web interface. RadCube Suite mines critical data to reveal trends and tendencies within radiology departments. RadCube Suite answers questions about the productivity of critical resources and offers quality assurance metrics. It also reports on trends in referring physician ordering practices.

Crescendo Systems (Booth #8438) is launching a front-end speech recognition module for MD Center-XL. MD Center-XL now automatically produces text from dictations right on screen. Voice commands allow physicians to navigate, edit, format, spell, play, fast forward, rewind, select, and sign-off the report without using a mouse or keyboard. The system allows healthcare facilities to leave their document creation options open: Switching from back-end to front-end recognition may compensate for transcription resource shortage or periodic peaks of activity. Automatic template fill-in accelerates the correction process.

Dictaphone PowerMic & PowerScribeDictaphone (Booth #3123) is featuring PowerScribe, its integrated speech recognition, digital dictation, and transcription system optimized for radiologist self-editing. PowerScribe has integrated with more than 20 PACS and radiology information systems. The system is designed to provide cost savings through reduced transcription labor while allowing radiologists to review and electronically sign reports immediately following dictation.

MedQuist SpeechQMedQuist (Booth #2324) is hosting a series of sem-inars at RSNA based on client Inland Imaging’s (Spokane, Wash.) deployment of SpeechQ for Radiology. Topics include how to prepare and set realistic expectations for radiologists when implementing speech recognition; recommendations for involving radiologists in the selection process for speech solutions; and integration of speech recognition software within radiology workflow strategies. MedQuist added several of the enhancements to its next release of SpeechQ based on input from radiologists at Inland Imaging.

Philips Medical Systems (Booth #1929) is showcasing its speech recognition-based document creation platform SpeechMagic as a thin-client solution within Citrix environments as well as ProScribe, a mobile display based on thin-client technology. ProScribe allows radiologists to access front-end speech recognition for dictation into forms and fields, thus ensuring fast and easy report creation and access at any place within the radiology department. Philips also is demonstrating an enhancement to SpeechMagic, which enables adequate speech recognition in Citrix environments. The SpeechMagic Citrix Extension enables the centralization of IT administration for easy installation and maintenance. No files are stored locally, significantly improving the protection of patient data, Philips said.

Philips SpeechMike with Barcode Philips Dictation Systems (Booth #1965) is showcasing SpeechMike with Barcode. The PC-connected handheld dictation input tool features an integrated barcode scanner to read barcodes from a distance of up to one foot and attach the information to the dictation file. The advanced recording, editing, playback, and navigation functions increase dictation efficiency, documentation accuracy, and data security.

WinScribe (Booth #1871) is demonstrating WinScribe 3.7 with enhancements optimized for radiologists. The new version includes features designed to ease radiologists’ workflow and improve productivity, including enhanced voice recognition and easy integration with RIS, PACS, and other enterprise systems. The ability to remotely generate reports is improved by support for a multitude of input devices and with new client-side voice recognition capabilities.