TeraRecon elects new board, appoints new CEO
TeraRecon, a provider of imaging processing technology and advanced decision support and 3D visualization solutions, elected a new board of directors at its annual meeting of the shareholders on March 31.

The elected directors are TeraRecon Founder Motoaki Saito, MD, PhD, Robert James Taylor, PhD, Fumio Urano, Shigeyuki Watanabe and Matthew James Ostrander.

On April 1, the newly elected board of directors met and appointed company founder and serving CEO Saito as chairman and chief technology officer (CTO). Taylor, the serving president and chief operating officer, was appointed president and CEO.

Saito founded TeraRecon in April 1997, and previously served as president of Meditechs in 1994, JAM System and AMT in Tokyo in 1995, according the San Mateo, Calif.-based company.

Taylor joined TeraRecon in February 2001 with the initial responsibility for establishing and developing its advanced visualization and medical imaging informatics decision support business. Previously, Taylor served as CEO and director of AccuImage Diagnostics.