TeraRecon highlights iNtuition at ISCT 2011
TeraRecon featured developments to its iNtuition enterprise advanced visualization platform that streamline CT workflow and enhance accessibility at the 13 annual International Symposium on Multidetector Row CT held by the International Society of CT (ISCT) on June 13 to 16 in San Francisco.

At ISCT 2011, TeraRecon showcased results of its research and development initiatives, with a focus on moving these features closer to the physician and allowing them to be applied in routine clinical practice and research, according to individual preferences.

Features and events highlighted by TeraRecon at ISCT 2011 included iGENTLE, dual-energy and spectral imaging, dynamic-volume CT and iNtuition Cloud.

iGENTLE (iNtuition General Enhancement and Noise Treatment with Low Exposure) addresses low radiation exposure. Dose reduction often increases the inherent noise present in images. Such noise can confound advanced visualization algorithms including rendering, segmentation and feature detection, and might otherwise preclude the use of lower dose strategies when volumetric interpretation is required.

iGENTLE utilizes a processing engine which is run on low-dose CT data in the background prior to physician interpretation. iNtuition uses these highly-optimized and processed image files to generate volumetric metadata (such as segmentation masks and centerlines), which are then re-applied to the original CT images. This provides improved automation, while ensuring physician confidence and data integrity, since the original data is not modified and still presented for review. In addition, iGENTLE presents end-user adjustable filtration settings which are applied in a side-by-side format alongside the unfiltered images to promote real-time optimization capabilities.

iNtuition’s dual-energy CT and spectral CT support features enable both acquisition technologies. These scan techniques open up new dimensions of parametric information which can aid physicians in differentiating tissue types and assessing contrast sensitivity, the Forest City, Calif.-based company indicated.

iNtuition’s support for dynamic-volume CT includes time-dependent analysis of 3D acquisitions made with various area-detector CT technologies. The feature offers the ability to manage massive amounts of image data from dynamic volume CT scanners and to facilitate fast physician analysis from any location with only a modest network link to the iNtuition server, according to TeraRecon.

Initially launched at the 2010 ICST meeting, TeraRecon will celebrate the first anniversary of the cloud computing-based iNtuition CLOUD offering, which now has well over 1,000 registered users.