TeraRecon introduces Aquarius innovations
TeraRecon of San Mateo, Calif., revealed new innovations for its Aquarius suite of advanced visualization offerings at the 2008 Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) meeting in Seattle.

The company demonstrated architectural features of the Aquarius iNtuition product suite that support high availability and high scalability for diverse distributed enterprises, supported by a full range of advanced visualization clinical applications implemented in a fully client-server form.

The system is designed to scale from a single “workstation” configuration, to an isolated radiology department, to a large, multi-site healthcare enterprise, cost-effectively, the company said.

“Advanced visualization is now an established standard of care and mission-critical in many institutions. TeraRecon is increasingly called upon to deploy solutions that address the needs of large, multi-site distributed enterprises that require high performance, high availability, and fault tolerance.” said Vikram Simha, chief technology officer and senior vice president of 3D engineering for TeraRecon.

“To this end, Aquarius iNtuition has been architected to allow deployment of entry-level configurations as simple as a single workstation, with easy redeployment to larger solutions down the road. Even a ‘workstation’ is now in fact a client and a server in one computer, and hence a common architecture can persist throughout the life-cycle of a TeraRecon deployment of advanced visualization.”

Aquarius iNtuition supports both centralized and distributed configurations equally well. It supports server redundancy for both data and rendering services, automatic fail-over to a backup system in the event of hardware or software failure and headless load balancing. Complete failure of a rendering node can be tolerated and the node replaced without compromising operation of the overall enterprise solution. This architecture is designed to allow for scalability with high availability and fault tolerance built-in, the company said.