TeraRecon introduces vendor-neutral complement to PACS

TeraRecon launched iNtuitionREVIEW, a multimodality, multimonitor review and collaboration tool at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna.

The iNtuitionREVIEW client provides multimonitor display of multimodality data, in specialized use-cases such as cardiac (CT, MR, catheterization, echocardiography, EKG) or breast (MR, mammography, ultrasound). The system also includes features for the preparation and execution of physician conferences, demonstrations and multidisciplinary team meetings, according to TeraRecon.

iNtuitionREVIEW expands on TeraRecon’s vendor-neutral approach to address clinical workflow challenges faced by imaging professionals who have otherwise relied on PACS and expected PACS to address all imaging needs.

TeraRecon also showcased enhancements to iNtuition at ECR. New iNtuition tools support the practice of oncology, cardiovascular and clinical research. These are lobular decomposition for liver and lobe decomposition; findings workflow to track volumes and measurements over time; enhanced support for new PET tracers such as Florbetapir; time-volume analysis for cardiac MRI image acquisitions; 3D/4D visualization, specifically enhanced transcatheter valve implantation analysis; and lesion-specific analysis for research into the downstream impact of stenosis.

Finally, TeraRecon showed:

  • iNtuition Enterprise Medical Viewer (iEMV), a browser-based client that provides scalability, and is VMWare Ready and virtualizable. On the client side, iEMV is equipped to integrate with EMR/HIS/PACS for enterprise access to image and non-image data in the context of access to the complete patient medical record.
  • iNtuitionSHARE, which makes possible CD-free transport and distribution of images between medical facilities and peers, or patients.
  • iNtuitionCLOUD, which provides iNtuition functionality via a web browser.