UltraRAD debuts new product, service offerings
UltraRAD, a medical image and information management technology developer of West Berlin, N.J., has released a clutch of new offerings and upgrades to its product suite.

The company recently unveiled the latest iteration of its UltraGateway DICOM image routing application, a configurable router which distributes images and information across point-to-point connections within a facility as well as any remote location for diagnostic or consultation purposes.

Version 3.0 of the tool offers throughput optimization, DICOM repair and quality control, 128-bit encryption, simultaneous inbound and outbound streams, advanced auto routing features and DICOM storage-commit capabilities.

UltraRAD has also launched a mammography workstation package that allows images to be displayed from any vendor, which eliminated the need for multiple workstations, according to the firm. In addition, the workstation interface allows the user to prescribe the image layout, presentation and viewing order.

In response to the growing demand for 3D and advanced visualization tools in specialties outside radiology, the company has released the Ultra3D/UltraOrtho workstation. The product uses standard PCs and off-the-shelf video cards with graphics processing unit technology. It provides 2D and 3D visualization, digital templates and overlays and advanced orthopedic measurement tools that can be integrated with other PACS applications or can be used as a standalone workstation.

UltraRAD also provides offsite archiving, disaster recovery, hosted web services and data migration to new and existing customers.