Video: Post-mortem CT paired with 3D printing helps determine cause of death

When the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) installed a CT scanner in their mortuary in 2005, it quickly became apparent how performing imaging exams on the dead could benefit the living. “Having the CT scanner on site has become a regular part of the routine at VIFM and has contributed to a reduction in the number of unnecessary autopsies performed there,” wrote Hannah Rose Mendoza in an article recently published on “In some cases, this means that the families who have lost their loved ones can have the remains returned to them in a much more timely fashion while also minimizing the need for invasive operations.”

Using these images to create 3D-printed models has also been shown to be effective in determining cause of death in court cases ranging from car accidents to homicides.

Watch the following video and check out the article below to learn more about how researchers at VIFM are utilizing post-mortem imaging and 3D printing.