Vital Images showcases benefits of advanced viz to CIOs
Vital Images featured the next-generation of advanced visualization and analysis capabilities with its enterprise solution comprising of Vitrea, version 4.0, and ViTALConnect, version 4.1, at the 2008 HIMSS conference in Orlando, Fla.

Nichole Gerszewski, marketing communications manager, Vital Images, told Health Imaging News that the company usually focuses on radiologists and cardiologists but are trying to reach the C-level executives and IT community to educate them on what Vital’s software can do for a hospital environment.

Gerszewski said the company’s key message during the show was “maximizing existing IT investment.” “We have partnered with some industry partners, such as HP and Microsoft, to offer off-the-shelf hardware so there is no customization needed from the IT department which offers huge technical and financial savings.”

The enterprise solution is designed to increase efficiency by providing physicians with access to powerful advanced visualization tools and enabling them to begin or continue workflow from anywhere via the internet, Gerszewski said.

ViTALConnect, a web-based software product for the clinical environment, increases clinical productivity, she added, since a clinician can be at home, pull up a case, and using the advanced visualization tools, report back to the hospital without leaving their home, she added.

With Vital Connect and Vitrea, Vital Images' advanced visualization solution creates 2D, 3D and 4D images of human anatomy from CT and MR image data, communication can take place across the enterprise with tight integration with other applications. “You can pull up any image from PACS and view the image across the enterprise and with in-sync databases, can also do the same with information as well,” Gerszewski added.

She said Vitrea uses an intuitive clinical workflow and automation to improve speed to clinical decisions and workflow simplicity over other visualization techniques so that physicians can easily navigate within these images to better understand disease conditions. Vitrea addresses specialists' needs through various clinical applications for cardiac, colon, neuro and general vascular analysis.