World's 1st MRI scanner for preemies debuts at Israeli hospital

Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem is officially the first hospital in the world to use a newly innovative MRI scanner on premature and newborn infants without having to relocate them outside of the intensive care unit, according to a recent article by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.  

“Brain scans of preemies and newborns are done daily, but using technology that isn’t optimal, like ultrasound," said Alona Bin-Nun, MD, senior physician at Shaare Zedek's neonatal intensive care unit. "The reason for this is the sensitivity of this unique population and the need to avoid exposing them to an environment that could cause them harm—like the extreme cold that is typical of regular MRI rooms." 

The pilot test MRI device, called Embrace and manufactured by Aspet Imaging, allows MR imaging on premature newborns in less than an hour without having to relocate them from the intensive care unit, ensuring a more efficient and safer examination process.  

“The Embrace allows for a quality MRI scan without endangering the baby,” Bin-Nun added. “This device allows precise information on the brain structure and identifies babies at risk so they can be treated early.”

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