Ziosoft launches subscription plan for advanced viz apps
Ziosoft, a provider of thin-client advanced visualization and analysis software for medical imaging, has launched a new monthly subscription program for its Ziostation software.

Under the program, facilities will be able to utilize Ziosoft's thin-client system immediately without a capital investment, according to the Redwood City, Calif.-based company. Ziosoft said its advanced visualization software reconstructs image data sets acquired from CT and MR systems into interactive 3D images over a thin-client configuration.

"Our physicians realize the benefit our 3D advanced visualization tools bring to patient diagnosis and care, but in this challenging economy capital expenditure has been restricted," said Mark Koeniguer, Ziosoft's chief operating officer. "In response to customer requests, we have created a number of flexible purchasing options, including a monthly subscription fee program. This program will allow physicians the access they need to 3D advanced visualization tools without compromising capital budgets."