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Advanced Visualization


When you close your eyes and visualize an important moment from the past, your brain may use the same eye movement patterns to reconstruct images long after you’ve originally seen them. It may seem like science fiction, but a study published in Cerebral Cortex found evidence of the phenomena.

Why does it seem like when alcohol gets involved, people often exhibit more aggressive behavior thanks to “liquid courage”? According to a group of international researchers, it’s because changes occur in the prefrontal cortex—the area of the brain charged with tempering a person’s aggression—after two drinks.


According to a recent study published in JAMA Neurology, memory decline and the potential to develop Alzheimer's disease may increasingly accelerate with age in certain individuals. 

A group of international researchers has discovered two large proteins in the brain that work together in producing its ‘stop’ and ‘go’ functions, much like a children’s game of “Red Light, Green Light.”

We put on our headphones every day, but who considers what allows singers to reach the high notes? Swiss researchers, that’s who.


Recent Headlines

Hybrid imaging (still) gaining momentum

Hybrid imaging systems, particularly PET/CT, may feel like old news at this point given its adoption into clinical practice. That doesn’t mean, however, that innovation will lag in the field.

The rise of PET/CT: 5 predictions for the future of hybrid imaging

The addition of combination PET/CT examinations to the radiologist’s toolbox represents one of the most significant advancements in oncological imaging in the past decade. So what does the future hold for hybrid imaging?

The ‘pain matrix’ may only be peripherally related to pain

In a small but noteworthy fMRI study, British and Chinese researchers have found that two individuals born with a rare inability to feel physical pain evidence the same patterns of brain activity when pricked with a pin as four healthy, age-matched volunteers.  

Deadly lung disease imaged with 3D x-ray technology for the first time

British scientists have successfully used advanced 3D x-ray imaging technology to image an aggressive form of lung disease in a new way, providing more insight into how the disease develops inside the body.

Healthcare 3D printing market projected to grow at 16% annual rate till 2020

An analysis conducted by Grand View Research has estimated that the global healthcare 3D printing market will have a compound annual growth rate of 15.6 percent from 2014 to 2020 and is estimated to be worth $1.13 billion by 2020.

Cross-continental team mines autism biomarkers from fMRI scans

Clinical and neuroscience researchers in Japan and Providence, R.I., have put their heads together and come up with an algorithmic classifier that can distinguish between autistic and non-autistic brains as imaged with fMRI. 

Early research offers glimpse of future imaging

Novel imaging techniques being developed by researchers around the world are poised to make their impact. From stroke imaging to holographic imaging, we’ve been keeping our eye on the early research findings using these new techniques.

Noninvasive 3D imaging tool improves liver imaging and reduces need for biopsies

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed a new 3D imaging method capable of imaging the liver in greater detail and identifying advanced fibrosis, reducing the need for invasive biopsy procedures, according to results of a study recently published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

fMRI shows mindfulness therapy countering the brain effects of PTSD

Using functional MRI, researchers at the University of Michigan and the VA in Ann Arbor have shown that mindfulness training can increase resting-state functional connectivity in the brains of combat veterans suffering with PTSD. 

Future tech: Holographic microscope visualizes living cells in 3D

Korean researchers have developed a new holographic imaging tool capable of viewing and analyzing living cells in 3D without staining.