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Cardiovascular Imaging

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Maryland surgeon diagnoses his own cancer with iPhone ultrasound

For Maryland vascular surgeon John Martin, MD, the question for him was not what an iPhone couldn’t do for him—but what it did do that ultimately may end up saving his life.   

Spirometry-assisted HRCT in children helps detect early signs of CT lung disease

Is spirometry assisted high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) on the chests of children worth a clinician's effort, time and financial commitment?

New AMA online network connects physicians, health tech companies

Physicians and health tech companies will now be able to connect and share expertise through an online community, announced today by the American Medical Association (AMA).   

Predictive risk model found effective to detect lung cancer

A recent study published in the The Lancet suggests a low-dose CT scan for high-risk patients selected from high predictive risk model criteria is more effective in detecting early signs of lung cancer than using criteria similarly used in the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST).  

2 Toronto teens developing innovative MRI techniques

Toronto teens Ben Nashman and Sunrose Billing, who together are the co-founders of the medical imaging company Synex Medical Inc., are determined to one day deliver higher quality images than a standard MRI.  

Puerto Rico still in need of imaging technology, supplies

Almost a month after the category five storm Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, just weeks after Hurricane Irma swept the same U.S. territory, doctors on the island are have been left practicing with limited resources in what many say is a "post-apocalyptic" reality.  

Revised 2017 MRI guidelines for MS released

In January 2017, groups of neurologists, radiologists, and imaging scientists from North America and Europe met in Newark, New Jersey, to revise and update brain and spinal cord MRI guidelines to diagnosis and monitor multiple sclerosis (MS). On October 11, the official 2017 MRI guidelines were officially released on The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) website.

How an MRI could help predict neurological outcomes of cardiac arrest patients

According to an article from Cardiovascular Business, a new study published by Radiology shows that an MRI could help predict the long-term neurological outcomes of cardiac arrest survivors.

Brain, spinal cord MR imaging helps ID MS risk in children

New research from Yale University’s School of Medicine shows scans of the brain and spinal cord can be key to identifying changes in brain activity that can lead to multiple sclerosis (MS) in children.

MRI Interventions announces Joseph Burnett as new president, CEO

Joseph Burnett announced as new President and CEO of MRI Interventions, Inc., effective November 7.