ACC Preview 2005

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The exhibits at the 2005 American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Sessions this month in Orlando, Fla., promise scores of solutions to advance the practice of cardiology.

Vendors are bringing new image management and distribution solutions and touting integration with EMR and monitoring systems to streamline workflow and boost patient care. Diagnostic imaging solutions optimized for cardiac applications, from souped-up high-speed 64-slice CT scanners to handheld ultrasound units, cardio-friendly MRI scanners, cardiovascular x-ray systems and hybrid solutions could take center stage. Other wares on display include storage solutions, new and improved software and next-generation catheters.

Camtronics Medical Systems
(booth #329) is hosting McKesson Medical Imaging Group in Camtronics' booth, showcasing the McKesson Horizon for Cardiology system. McKesson has teamed with Camtronics to offer customers an integrated radiology and cardiology image and information solution, part of McKesson's expanding portfolio for managing all medical
specialties across the hospital enterprise.

Horizon for Cardiology, provides a complete suite of applications designed to manage cardiology departmental workflow. Based on Camtronics' VERICIS cardiovascular information system, the system enables single-point access to the complete cardiovascular patient record.

The companies will be demonstrating Horizon for Cardiology integrated with the McKesson Horizon Radiology system, highlighting McKesson's enterprise-wide approach to diagnostic image capture, visualization and archiving that allows customers to take advantage of specialty-specific workstations while building one integrated image repository that manages all of the images captured throughout the care continuum.

Camtronics also will be highlighting its participation in the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) for Cardiology Year 1 demonstration project. IHE for Cardiology is an industry-wide initiative designed to enhance the interoperability of systems. Camtronics systems are being used to demonstrate connectivity within the IHE demonstration area.

Digirad Corp.
(booth #4362) is showcasing its Cardius-3 imager and Digirad Imaging Solutions (in a second booth).

The Cardius-3 imager is a dedicated cardiac triple-head gamma camera. Capable of performing a seven-minute stress acquisition study, the new system offers enhanced workflow and imaging efficiency while maintaining resolution and image quality. The Cardius-3 features SeeQuantaM image acquisition toolset, Digirad's enhanced imaging software interface.

Digirad Imaging Solutions (DIS), a division of Digirad, is offering a mobile, in-office imaging leasing services program for physicians who wish to perform nuclear cardiology procedures in their offices but do not have the patient volume, capital or resources to justify purchasing a system. 

Fujitsu Computer Products of America
(booth #1113) is unveiling the Fujitsu DynaMO 1300 Pocket with DICOM Viewer and DynaMO 2300U2 at ACC.

Powered by USB 2.0, the portable DynaMO 1300 Magneto-Optical (MO) drive features DICOM image viewing software to allow healthcare professionals to transport DICOM data and image files on 3.5-inch MO disks to notebook and desktop PCs for offline review. DynaMO 1300 Pocket can provide a backup and archival solution. SecureMO Folder file encryption software allows users to create secure data archives with password-protected files.

DynaMO 2300U2 offers 2.3GB of removable archival data storage and includes SecureMO.

GE Healthcare
(booth #3463) is featuring its enhanced CardioSoft multi-function ECG software with Centricity EMR integration, Vivid i and Vivid 7 ultrasound systems and the LightSpeed VCT 64-slice CT scanner.

Designed for the physician's office, CardioSoft offers resting ECG, Exercise Stress ECG, Spirometry, ABP and Holter functionality and a database for basic archiving. CardioSoft version 6 provides integration with Centricity EMR for a comprehensive software package.

The Vivid i is a miniaturized cardiovascular ultrasound system that combines high-performance, full-featured imaging and a lightweight design, while the Vivid 7 provides fully integrated real-time 4D and multi-dimensional imaging capabilities.

The LightSpeed VCT noninvasively captures the image of any organ in one second, performs whole body trauma scans in fewer than 10 seconds and captures images of the heart and coronary arteries in fewer than five heartbeats.

IDX Systems Corp.
(booth #933) is rolling out its first image management strategy focused on cardiology - Imagecast for Cardiology.

Imagecast for Cardiology streamlines cardiovascular care by transforming time-consuming, manual processes into efficient, automated workflow. The web-based, single database CVIS/PACS solution provides clinical staff throughout the enterprise with continual access to complete patient images and information, enhancing quality of care and facilitating the growth of high margin procedural events. Imagecast features voice recognition and structured reporting to provide end-users with a diagnostic reporting system process that streamlines their workflow, increases productivity and gives referring clinicians fast access to key images and patient information.

InSiteOne, Inc.
(booth #4657) is launching InDex Recovery Plus. InDex Recovery Plus is a hosted storage solution; InsiteOne provides storage replication and restoration services and security management, help desk, maintenance and technology upgrades.

(booth #1323) is introducing the Avanta Fluid Management Injection System, Vanguard Dx Angiographic Catheter and the DualFlow Simultaneous Injection option for its Stellant D CT Injection System.

Avanta provides contrast and saline injection for critical cardiac imaging procedures. Its advanced air management system and pressure isolation valve are designed to improve safety. The bolus sharpness feature and an accurate electromechanical handswitch allow precision injection results. A multi-patient disposable set reduces costs and improves efficiency.

The Vanguard Dx Angiographic Catheter with patented tip technology will work with the MEDRAD Avanta Fluid Management Injection System to deliver contrast in a new way and reduce catheter whip and contrast-streaming problems by providing a "cloud" of contrast rather than a high-pressure stream.

The Stellant D with DualFlow option enables both contrast and saline injection at the same time through variable ratios of simultaneous plunger motion. With proper ratio and timing, left and right heart ventricles can be illuminated uniformly. The system yields improved CT diagnostic images of the coronary arteries with fewer artifacts.

Mennen Medical
(booth #629) is debuting the Horizon Angio patient monitoring and documentation system.

Horizon Angio analyzes a full range of patient physiological parameters during interventional peripheral arterial analysis procedures, while performing a complete spectrum of monitoring functions. Features include statistical reporting, custom physician reports, ADT interfacing, HL7 and XML data exports.

Misys Healthcare Systems
(booth #941) is launching Misys Connect and showcasing Misys EMR.

Misys Connect is an interoperable data sharing solution that connects doctors with hospitals, homecare and their patients to give physicians a single, secure source to view patient data from any care setting or clinical system. Hospitals can connect with community physicians, home care and long-term care providers, and access important patient information anytime and anywhere.

Misys EMR is a flexible electronic health records solution with customized cardiology content. It allows physicians and their practices to expedite record-keeping processes and enables them to retrieve and input patient data anywhere, anytime, from a PC, handheld or wireless device.

Philips Medical Systems
(booth #1049) is launching Philips Rate Responsive CVCT and demonstrating the Philips iE33 intelligent echocardiography system and Achieva CV magnetic resonance imaging system optimized for cardiac imaging.

Philips Rate Responsive CVCT integrates CT and conventional CV x-ray for stent planning using a Philips Brilliance CT 40-channel system. The technology allows CT to be adapted to meet patient needs and brings new functionality to cardiovascular CT imaging.

Philips iE33 intelligent echocardiography system provides faster, less expensive and more accurate ways to measure cardiac anatomy and function to improve the quality of patient care and diagnostic confidence.

The Achieva CV 3 Tesla MRI system is optimized for cardiac imaging.

Quinton Cardiology
(booth #2662) is exhibiting the Q-Stress Cardiac Stress System with its recently-released Cardiac Risk Scoring function, FreezeFrame, and other new features; the high-performance Eclipse Premier ECG, with built-in wireless communications and barcode capability; the Atria 3000 ECG, and Pyramis, an ECG management system. Pyramis interfaces with, and stores data from, a variety of devices including stress, Holter, and ECG products.

(RTI, booth #804) is introducing iPACS Cardio.

iPACS Cardio is a full-featured, multi-modality cardiovascular image viewing, archiving and management solution. The web-based, software-only cardiac imaging system can provide a stand-alone department solution that can be integrated into the hospital network and information system for communications across the healthcare enterprise and beyond.

Siemens Medical Solutions
(booth #441) is highlighting Soarian cardiology, the KinetDx Solutions Network, the SOMATOM Sensation Cardiac 64 CT scanner, MAGNETOM Avanto MRI system, biograph 64 PET-CT, Symbia TruePoint SPECT-CT, AXIOM Artis dBC, the Encompass Release for the ACUSON Sequoia C512 and C256 ultrasound systems and ACUSON AcuNav 8F ultrasound catheter.

Soarian Cardiology offers fast access to a single view of the cardiovascular patient across service lines to overcome lack of coordination between departments and streamline workflow. KinetDx Solutions Network digital image management and reporting solution is tailored to the echocardiography department and allows a single department network or seamless patient information integration throughout the enterprise.

The SOMATOM Sensation Cardiac 64 CT scanner delivers optimal image quality in cardiovascular imaging applications with a spatial resolution of 0.4 millimeters (mm), allowing clear visualization of fine anatomical details.

The MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5 Tesla MR system incorporates Siemens' Total imaging matrix (Tim) technology. The whole body surface coil design combines 76 integrated coil elements with up to 32 RF channels to provide high acquisition speed without image artifacts or restrictions in coverage, facilitating cardiac evaluation.

The biograph 64 PET-CT scanner acquires images of the smallest intracranial, pulmonary, mesenteric and peripheral vessels in less than 10 seconds.

The Symbia TruePoint SPECT-CT system captures comprehensive, accurate information on both the molecular and anatomical levels, enabling clinicians to detect changes in molecular activity before structural changes become visible.

Siemens' AXIOM Artis dBC biplane cath lab provides access to multimodality images and clinical information anytime, anywhere. AXIOM Artis with Interventional Cardiac 3D provides precision in determining appropriate stent size and length, enhanced reporting capabilities and increased efficiency. AXIOM Artis dFC Magnetic Navigation is designed to work with the Stereotaxis, Inc. Niobe, magnetic navigation system, and uses computer-controlled, permanent magnets to navigate catheters and guidewires more precisely through the heart.

The Encompass Release for the ACUSON Sequoia C512 and C256 features Native TEQ dynamic ultrasound technology for improved diagnostic image quality, workflow and ergonomics.

The new ACUSON AcuNav 8F ultrasound catheter enables improved access during closure of atrial septal defects (ASD) on smaller patients, and left heart applications for both interventional cardiology and electrophysiology.

SonoSite, Inc.
(booth #3563) is unveiling its new SonoCalc IMT software and new features on its TITAN hand-carried ultrasound system.

The software allows physicians to quickly and effectively measure the wall thickness (intima media thickness, IMT) of the common carotid arteries and assess a patient's risk of cardiovascular disease. Used in conjunction with the TITAN system, the SonoCalc IMT software enables physicians to identify disease at an early stage and to manage it more effectively. SonoCalc's automated edge-detection technology provides physicians with the ability to analyze the IMT of a patient's carotid artery and compare it with published population data to generate an individualized cardiovascular health profile report.

Expanded TITAN features address the shared service and point-of-care echocardiography markets. The TITAN 2.2 cardiology upgrade offers full cardiac and vascular calculation packages, pulsed wave and continuous wave Doppler imaging, tissue harmonic imaging, velocity-based color Doppler and M-Mode. SonoSite also added DICOM Modality Worklist. The 2.3 upgrade includes additional features for vascular imaging as well as automated cardiac function quantification (Simpson's Rule).

TeraRecon, Inc.
(booth #1009) is showcasing its Aquarius Cardiac CT Diagnostic Workstation, AquariusNET Server and UF-850XTD and UF-750XT ultrasound systems.

The Cardiac CT Diagnostic WorkStation offers real-time diagnostic review of coronary CTA, streamlined workflow directly to a formatted report, functional analysis from multi-phase cardiac studies, endovascular visualization with single-click vascular analysis tools and calcium scoring and pulmonary vein characterization.

AquariusNET Server enables interactive 3D review on regular PCs and offers the ability to install client software on any PC. Each client accesses AquariusNET server for real-time 3D review of images and reports, and multiple clients can access multiple studies simultaneously. With a customer-supplied VPN, AquariusNET operates over DSL or cable.

The UF-850XTD is a digital mid-range Doppler ultrasound for cardiac imaging that combines continuous wave Doppler with high-frame rate color flow imaging.

The UF-750XT Portable Color Doppler ultrasound system is designed for precise and accurate localization of pathology.   

Thinking Systems
(booth #3181) is highlighting its RIS/PACS solutions for nuclear cardiology, echocardiography and cardiac cath lab.

Thinking Systems provides modality functionality on the PACS platform, including processing, quantification analysis, 4D display with color and motion and reporting. Its archive solutions are designed for all cardiology modalities; image processing and quantitative analysis with Cedars-Sinai's QGS/QPS/BPGS for nuclear cardiology; static and dynamic display with color and motion, and various measuring tools for echocardiography; cine loop and various display and measurement tools for the cath lab. Web technology provides workstation functionality over the web to allow clinicians to process, perform quantitative analysis and review nuclear cardiology, echo and cath lab images. Thinking Systems' DICOM gateway product brings proprietary raw data from non-DICOM devices into the DICOM world. Thinking Systems cardiology reporting system allows clinicians to generate and distribute reports on the web.

Toshiba America Medical Systems
(booth #3551) is demonstrating the Infinix CC-i, Aquilion 64 CFX, Vantage, Aplio CV and Nemio with 4D imaging.

Infinix CC-i is a field upgradeable flat-panel digital system for vascular x-ray imaging.

Aquilion 64 CFX features Toshiba's 64-row Quantum detector for simultaneous 64-slice scanning with spatial resolution of 0.35 mm, volume imaging capabilities and software applications designed to automate diagnostic cardiac studies. 

The Excelart Vantage 1.5 T MRI scanner offers linear 30 mT/m gradients with a slew rate of 50 T/m/s (tesla per meter per second) or 130 T/m/s. SuperFASE morphology studies enable clinicians to capture clear images of vascular structures, including the heart chambers and large vessels. SuperFASE allows magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) images of venous and arterial vessels to be simultaneously or independently visualized without contrast.

Aplio CV all-digital ultrasound system is designed for advanced cardiac applications. Features include Intelligent Component Architecture, Tissue Doppler Imaging Quantification, Advanced Automated Contour Tracking, Contrast Imaging, new ergonomic transducers and IASSIST wireless controller for more streamlined workflow.

Toshiba enhanced its Nemio full-featured, compact ultrasound package with 4D imaging. New imaging capabilities include automated 3D volume acquisition, simultaneous real-time 2D image display and continuous 3D volume updates and comprehensive post-processing tools.

Witt Biomedical Corp.
(booth #1023) is announcing a cooperative alliance with Omega Medical Imaging Inc. to deliver a turnkey solution for customers who want to build their own private practice outpatient cardiac catheterization lab or cath/angio swing lab and showing the CALYSTO Series IV.

Witt Biomedical and Omega Medical Imaging offer multiple consultative, business and financing resources available to assist professionals who want to maximize their business potential, while providing high-quality outpatient care.

CALYSTO Series IV collects physiological and information data from the cath lab procedure, creating an electronic record for review, reporting and long-term archival. Additional optional modalities, including image management, ECG management, echocardiography and nuclear cardiology, can be included as part of the archive and review capabilities and reported into a single cardiac record.