Canadian system partners with Medrad
The Joint Department of Medical Imaging of the University Health Network (UHN)/Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH)/Women’s College Hospital (WCH), based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has selected Pittsburgh-based Medrad Inc. as its contract supplier partner for vascular injection systems used in computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR), and cardiovascular imaging procedures and for MR Patient Monitoring Systems throughout all of its respective member facilities.

Through this product standardization agreement, the Joint Department of Medical Imaging can access a broad range of Medrad products at industry-leading values to enhance cardiac imaging, patient care services, and more. Among the innovative products included in the agreement are the Stellant dual CT injection system, which enables simultaneous injection of contrast and saline for improved cardiac CT imaging, and the Veris MR patient monitor that allows clinicians to monitor patient vital signs during MR imaging. Together with the revolutionary Certo MR wireless network, Veris can promote more efficient and attentive patient care by permitting continuous, remote monitoring of multiple patients in preparation rooms and post-procedure recovery areas.

Scott Jarrett, senior director at the Joint Department of Medical Imaging, said, “This agreement with Medrad lets us standardize products across our facilities with obvious benefits for patient safety and quality. We’re also happy to have a partner for wireless networking that will keep mission critical medical devices operational.”