Digirad shows its cardiac triple-head gamma camera

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Digirad demonstrated its triple-head cardiac camera Cardius-3 and mobile solid-state, single-head 2020tc Imager at the 52nd Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) annual meeting in Toronto, Canada, June 18-22.

The Cardius-3 is a triple-head gamma camera designed for nuclear cardiac imaging. Its three-detector, solid-state design delivers high count statistics with excellent sensitivity and image quality. The product offers a true open gantry design which allows it to fit in rooms as small as 8-by-7 feet, and by utilizing OptiCount collimation, and a cardiocentric technique, the Cardius-3 features Digirad's latest advances in nuclear cardiology.

Also on display was the Digirad 2020tc Imager -- a compact, portable gamma camera for nuclear medicine imaging using established procedures to study organ function and anatomy. Through solid-state detection technology, and the incorporation of miniaturized semiconductor electronics, the 2020tc has a thinner and lighter weight head that permits imaging to the edge of the camera head, according to Digirad. Thus, procedures that require the imager head to be positioned extremely close to the body can be performed with ease.