FDA clears Siemens angiography systems

The Artis Q and Artis Q.zen angiography system families from Siemens Healthcare have been cleared by the FDA.

Siemens uses second-generation flat emitter technology in the Artis Q and Artis Q.zen x-ray tubes, rather than a coiled filament. This is designed to improve the ability to identify small vessels, according to the company.

The systems’ detector technology was updated to utilize doses as low as half the standard levels applied angiography, according to Siemens.

New applications allow for the integration of intravascular ultrasound in the treatment of coronary artery disease, and CLEARstent Live is an application allowing cardiologists to image stents with motion stabilization in real time. Other 3D applications have been designed to image small structures in the head, such as the cochlea.