NightHawk Radiology to assist in high-risk plaque CT research
NightHawk Radiology has agreed to be the exclusive radiology provider for the High-Risk Plaque Initiative, a joint research effort to advance the understanding and management of high-risk plaque, which is believed to be the primary underlying cause of heart attacks and strokes. The HRP Initiative is led by many scientists in the field of cardiovascular disease, radiology and other medical disciplines.

Since there are currently no non-invasive methods of screening, diagnosis, or treatment for high-risk plaque, the HRP Initiative's goal is to provide a roadmap for the development of screening, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions for high-risk plaque, and promote proper use to patients, providers and payors, according to NightHawk.

As part of the research effort, NightHawk's U.S. board-certified radiologists will interpret chest CT scans for approximately 6,000 study participants. Additionally, NightHawk Radiology said it expects its affiliated radiologists will read approximately 1,000 cardiac CTA scans performed to identify clinically significant cardiac and non-cardiac findings where the participant might benefit from its detection and follow-up.

NightHawk said it has deployed an independent imaging network solution explicitly for the HRP Initiative and it expects to begin evaluating reads in the first quarter of 2008.