NuView, USC partner for cardiac PET radiopharmaceutical development
NuView Radiopharmaceuticals has executed an exclusive license agreement with the University of Southern California (USC) that provides NuView with the development and commercialization rights to a tagged derivative of the naturally found biological molecule adenosine, called F-18 FXA, for potential use as a diagnostic cardiac PET radiopharmaceutical in clinical trials.

Peter S. Conti, MD, PhD, professor of radiology at USC Keck School of Medicine and NuView medical director is the co-inventor of the patented F-18 FXA technology.  “Our Flourine-18 radiolabeled adenosine derivative appears to be a good substrate for imaging the heart and blood flow. Conducting further studies should help us understand the mechanism of cardiac uptake,” he said.

Brian Darbonne, NuView products manager, said that the company is looking forward to exploring the co-development of the diagnostic imaging agent which may “facilitate the rapid identification of patients with cardiac disease who might benefit from early intervention.”

The USC Stevens Institute for Innovation facilitated the transaction.